Friday, April 02, 2010


Something's been on my mind lately and I feel like I have to speak up, so here goes:

We've got to stop bashing the ego!!

I've heard how the ego leads us astray, how EGO stand for "Edging God Out", how the ego keeps us in fear, etc., etc., etc. We're told that the ego is needy - always in search of appreciation. It's considered a very negative thing. Every time I hear something like this, I want to stand up and yell - NO don't say that!!

So here's the dictionary definition of Ego:

1. the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.

2. Psychoanalysis. the part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.

3. egotism; conceit; self-importance: (Her ego becomes more unbearable each day.)

4. self-esteem or self-image; feelings: (Your criticism wounded his ego.)

5. (often initial capital letter) Philosophy.

a. the enduring and conscious element that knows experience.

b. Scholasticism. the complete person comprising both body and soul.

According to word history: ego first shows up in 1714, as a term in metaphysics. Not until 1891 does it denote a sense of "conceit." It became an official psychoanalytic term around 1910; and "Ego trip" was first recorded in 1969.

I wonder what was happening in the collective conscious to have the "I" go from being self to something we consider negative?

The ego is that something that makes us shower and do what we can to look presentable. It is the part of us that makes us want to do a good job, and feels good when we do. It's the part of us that likes being a good person. How can that be negative?

Now here's the definition that turned me around years ago in my thinking about the ego. From the glossary of The Science of Mind: "The I AM of the Bible, the Christ, the perfect idea of God. In metaphysical terms, the Ego refers to the Real Consciousness of man."

Why would we want to get rid of that?

Even more importantly, let's look at the basic teaching of the Science of Mind. I believe we can boil it down to two sentences: 'All there is is God' and 'It is done unto us as we believe.' If all there is is God - then the ego has to be an expression of God as well. And since it is done unto as we believe, we have to pay attention. If we're claiming that an essential part of our psyche is bad -- it has to act the part! If we think the ego leads us astray, edges God out, keeps us in fear, is needy, etc., etc., etc., then that's what we get to experience - in ourselves and in the people around us.

Let's begin thinking of the ego as the Self - the perfect idea of God as us - our Christ consciousness. Easter seems like a really good time to do this.


Recognizing the Divine Essence permeating the universe, and knowing It is everything there is and more, I celebrate my conscious awareness that this Divine Essence is within me.

I now allow myself to let go of putting any part of myself down. I declare I now realize the fullest expression of my identity in Spirit. I have retrieved all parts of me I had tried to let go of, and I feel whole and holy.

I Am the center of wisdom, the experience of pure possibilities, the Light of the Divine. I am all my heart desires to be, right here, right now. I am home in my Self.

With a grateful heart, I celebrate my Truth, knowing this Truth is pure Love. I now release these words into the Law of Mind, and so it is.