Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight is Halloween for many – with the fun of costumes and parties and candy … for others it is Samhain, (pronounced Sow Inn) .. the ancient Celtic holiday of the dead.

Our culture is so afraid of death (tho one would think we worshiped it with the proliferation of violence and death in movies and TV). We avoid aging as long as we can with hair colour and wrinkle creams and the latest fad to keep us young.

We are also alienated from the cycles of the seasons- yet who hasn’t caught their breath in admiring the beauty of Fall. There’s a part of us that remembers how powerful the natural flow of Life is.

For the ancient people, the indigenous people and people who celebrate the seasons, death is not a thing to be feared or fought. Old age is valued for its wisdom and dying is accepted as a natural part of life.

Earth-centered people use this holiday to honour loved ones who have died during the past year, knowing death is not an ending to Life. It is also a time of honouring the little deaths – the things that have ended, such as jobs or relationships.

Perhaps we could all do this …. Honour our Beloved Dead. We can think about what they meant to us and what we learned from them. We can think about the benefits we got from the jobs or relationships or situations that have ended.

We are all going to die – Let us approach it with a sense of the sacred. Honour your Beloved Dead and in return you will be honoured.


There is only One Life – that Life is God’s and this Life is the life I am living now.

I celebrate my life and all its seasons.

I celebrate myself as a child – open and in awe of new concepts and fun adventures.

I celebrate myself as a teen – ready to forge new ground and step out on my own.

I celebrate myself as an adult – willing to use all I have learned – and willing to be real.

I celebrate myself as an elder – full of compassion for all that has been before and having greater understanding of my personal Power.

I honour all those that have gone before me, knowing that Life does not end with the shedding of the physical body.

I honour all experiences that I attracted and have passed through my life.

There is only One Life – that Life is God’s and this Life is the life I am living now.

I release these words of Truth, grateful I can consciously do so, and so it is.