Friday, September 07, 2007

I am so in awe of what I have attracted into my life I can’t stop smiling!! Yet, recently I noticed another feeling just under the surface of all this Joy. I finally figured out what it is… it’s a syndrome many of us experience called “Waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop.”

It made me start thinking about why we can’t just accept our good unconditionally.

Some of the symptoms of this syndrome are:

· We all want more than we’re experiencing now, yet are suspicious when we get it.

· Someone does something wonderful for us, and we are suspicious about what they want in return.

· We feel our desire for more good is selfish

· We hear ourselves saying “good things never last.”

· In the midst of a wonderful experience we find ourselves thinking “this is too good to be true.”

In my ponderings of this universal epidemic, I’d say it’s created by a feeling of not being deserving. One of the bottom-line beliefs for everyone I have worked with over the years seems to be "I am not good enough!" Frequently added to that is “And I don't do enough.” It makes me wonder --- according to whose standards?

If we really believe what we teach in Religious Science --- that there is only one Life, that Life is God’s Life and that Life is the life we are living --- we would realize we are infinitely deserving of all good. We would also remember that our dominant thoughts are building our current reality, so if there’s work to be done on our deservability, let’s get to it! We are only bound by the beliefs of our past because we are allowing ourselves to be.

The Truth is we are all loved beyond measure in so many different ways. God is the Great Giver, it is our job to be a Great Receiver. We are magnificent beings, expressions of The Divine. Let yourself receive your greatest good and highest joy this week!! You DO deserve it!


There is only One -- one unconditionally loving heart I live in, one great mind I am using, one perfect life I am living. One powerful Presence that fills the Universe and beyond anything I can imagine. This is my Reality and It is good.

Knowing this, I now declare that Infinite Intelligence is working through me, erasing all I have embodied about not being good enough. I replace those old beliefs with the Truth of my being. I am worthy of all good – how could a perfect expression of The Divine be anything else?

I accept more good in my life as love, inner peace, great joy, and wisdom beyond what I thought I had before. This reflects in my relationships, my work, my finances and my body. I am now absorbing and emanating a Divine Pattern that is awesome! I know who I am.

Gratefully I release these words, welcoming the feeling they set up within me. I am deserving. I am whole, complete and magnificent. This is God’s Life, and I’m making it a great one!! And so it is.