Friday, April 03, 2009


I was the first client at my nail salon this morning. The owners are away. I noticed their little dog, running to the door every time one of the employees showed up. He barked excitedly and danced around – yet he kept watching the door. I thought “Oh poor doggie, he’s waiting for his owners.” And as I had this thought, he turned and looked at me. I suddenly realized that for him, everything was the same, yet everything was different. His surroundings were the same. Most of the people around him were the same, yet his life was different.

I remember feeling this way when my Mother died. I came back to Hawai’i after the funeral surprised to see that there were rosebuds getting ready to bloom, weeds to pull, household chores needing to be done. Life had gone on while I was away, and that was mindboggling. Life would continue, but it had all changed in some way.

Many people are feeling this way today. Changes are happening. Savings, homes and jobs have been lost. Everything has changed, yet life goes on. This feeling is not safe, not comfortable.

There is, however, one thing we can count on never changing - Principle. It is always going to respond to our thoughts and feelings – it can not stop. That is Its nature. It is more important now than ever before that those of us who consider ourselves metaphysicians, do the work we have been trained to do. Maybe this is why we were drawn to this teaching. For this moment in time. To be able to stand in Truth, regardless of appearances, and stem the flood of fear.

First we have to stem it in our own lives. Let me tell you this – the worst is over. Do not get mesmerized by the media. Start declaring you live in a friendly Universe, and It is continually conspiring for your greatest good and highest joy. Be really grateful – for everything you had (even if you don’t have it anymore), for everything you have now – and everything that will have. Do everything you can for the people in your life, starting with knowing the Truth for them. Make a daily practice of knowing the Truth for our world. Even thought it might look like everything is falling apart, the Truth is, everything is falling into its right and perfect place. Smile. Smile at everyone and smile at your reflection in the mirror. Life is getting better every day.

This is not airy-fairy. This is using Principle. God in us as us, works through us. Let’s make it a good working.


I recognize the powerful Presence of Life in and as all. I know It is love and law. It is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving. It is everywhere, including within us.

I now declare we live in a world that works for everyone. The shifts taking place in every corner of our world, and our lives, are sacred shifts. Our intentions for a peaceful world, a world without lack and limitation, a healthy world, are manifesting right here and now. Regardless of how it looks, this is what’s happening.

I choose to stand in the Truth. I will not let anything shake me off Center. I have the Power of the Universe behind me as I make these declarations. And this is good, very good.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing the Law works!! I am happy that it works so well, and I am grateful to be a conduit of Good. And so It is.