Friday, November 02, 2012

Gratitude is Possible

My Mother taught me how to read before I was in school, and had an excellent library of old books, probably from her childhood. One of the books I read was Pollyanna, which gave me the first survival method I learned as a child. Pollyanna had many things happen in her life, and not all were good - just like me. Her Father had taught her "The Glad Game" before he died, which helped her cope with the rest of her life. I started playing that Game. No matter what happened, I would find something to be glad about. Over the years, my Glad Game became a Gratitude Game and I still play it today, even more consciously. In fact, way before Oprah suggested it, I was writing 5 things I was grateful for in my journal just before going to sleep every night.
Gratitude might be hard for the people affected by Hurricane Sandy, for those whose "happily ever after" has ended, for those who have lost their jobs, or had a medical diagnosis that is scary. There's no shortage of tragedy and sadness in our world, yet gratitude IS possible!
I remember reading a story in Reader's Digest years ago about a young man who loved to read philosophy and science. His Father was constantly urging him to get outside and play, but he just wanted to read. He'd rather be in the library than the gym. In high school the young man finally joined the football team to please his Father. Towards the end of the season, he was involved in a accident on the field and ended up a paraplegic. All he could do was lay in bed. Friends visited him, expressing their sympathy that he could no longer play football. He was so depressed and angry. He blamed his Father for his physical condition. One day a friend brought him music and books on tape and a cassette player. It wasn't long before he told him, "Thank you so much for the gift. I realize I'm glad this happened. Now I can do what I love to do. I can study philosophy and science."
At any moment our lives can change dramatically. We can go down the path of victimhood or we can find something to be grateful for. Which path would you chose?
Let's use all of November to be consciously grateful for all we have attracted and experienced and all that is to come. As Meister Eckhart said "If the only prayer you say is thank you, that would be enough."
I open my mind and heart to the realization that God is absolutely everywhere. In the midst of chaos, and in the stillness of meditation. It is a feeling of deep unconditional Love. I now let this Love well up within me, and spill out into my life.
As I feel Love, I am grateful for everything. For the people, pets, plants, and things I've surrounded myself with. For the wonders of Nature and the blessings of Spirit. For the adventures my life is filled with. For every experience I have attracted in my life.
As I walk through my life being grateful, Spirit gives me even more to be grateful for. My feeling of being grateful is catching. Everyone I'm in contact with feels grateful as well. How good it is to know this Truth is manifesting always.
Gratefully I release these words to Spiritual Law knowing it is done. And so it is.