Friday, July 12, 2013

I Live in a Universe That Works!

Lately I’ve been hearing people talk about what isn’t working.  Sitting in Starbucks the other day I could hear conversations about the government, relationships, work, medications, finances – you name it, nothing was working!

I asked a group of people “Do you want to change what’s not working?  Let’s reframe this conversation – let’s talk about what is working and be grateful that it is.”  One person told me to “get real” and another told me they agreed with me, but it was good to express what wasn’t working.  I thought to myself "Express yes - dwell on it, no."

I know that when I keep observing a certain thing, it’s because I need to hear it and I got to experience “not working” with my internet and phone service.  It was more off than on for almost a week. I was getting frustrated, especially when a tech came and fixed it and four hours later, I had the same problem only worse.

I realized sometimes I don’t want to accept what is – I just want to move on as if it wasn’t.  Yet that doesn’t work.  I just focus more on the problem. Then I remembered a quote from Ernest Holmes that I have in my journal. I don’t remember where I got it from but here it is:  “Every problem contains its own answer if you think of the problem as a question, and inquiry, and not as an obstruction.  Thinking of it this way, keep your mind not on the repetition of thoughts about the problem, but on the receipt of a definite answer.” 

Those things we’re thinking don’t work?  We’re thinking of them as if they are entities, things of themselves that have power. We dwell on them, giving them free rent in our minds.  That creates the obstruction. Problems don’t have any power except for what we’ve given them.

I decided to just ‘be’ with little or no internet or phone service, not to let it frustrate me.  It was what was, and I knew it would change soon enough. I spent time being grateful for the ways internet and phones serve me, for having other devices to be able to stay connected, and that my circle of friends was much larger because of technology.  Now I’m connected fully again, with a benefit – my service is much faster than before and there is a lot less wire pooling on the floor under the modem!    

My theme for this week is to stop thinking about what isn’t working, look at what is, and be grateful for it!    Join me?


Gratefully I acknowledge that at the very center of everything – every cell and atom that makes up everything – is a Divine Energy that is both Love and Law.  It is responsive and exacting.  From deep within me It responds to my thoughts and feelings.

Knowing this I pay attention.  I make my conversation, whether with others or myself, be one of an awareness that I make a difference in this world.  I let go of complaints, and make my choices consciously. I live in a universe that always works and can be trusted.

I am so grateful for everything I’ve ever had, I have now, and will have in my future.  There is only One Life, that Life is God’s and this is the Life I am living now.  It is good, very good.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so, and so it is.