Friday, August 29, 2008

No Boundaries

Sometimes I see a colouring book and my fingers just itch to get a hold of some crayons.

The other day while going through a box looking for something else, I discovered an old geometric colouring book with a few blank pages. I borrowed some crayons from our Junior Church and sat down to play.

When I colour, I decide what colour I want the space to be, then carefully colour darkly right inside the borders before filling in the center of the area lightly. After about the third space, I suddenly remembered the colouring book pages I had seen in the Junior Church box. Hardly any of them coloured inside the lines. As I looked down at my page, I realized that I not only coloured inside the lines, but I made the lines more pronounced with the way I was colouring.

Yes, it looked good … but what did it mean?? Did I start colouring that way as a child because I didn't want to be like everyone else? - because I thought it looked pretty? – or did I feel safer creating my own borders?

We do that, you know – create borders – only now we call them boundaries. Most of us are very possessive with our boundaries. We have rules about when they can be crossed and who can cross them and how. Our boundaries can be about how close I let you come into my space or about how to fill my dishwasher. We get an idea about what is "right" and stick to it, thereby creating a boundary. Boundaries make us feel safe.

However, when we create boundaries to give ourselves a sense of safety, the opposite occurs. The more we try to protect ourselves, the more fearful we become. The more fearful we become, the more the world reflects that fear and we attract even more to be afraid of. This cycle continues until we realize we have choice – and one of those choices is to tear down our boundaries and let Love in!

Sometimes boundaries are not only about safety, but about how far we can go. Other people set these boundaries, and we feel compelled to go beyond them. The athletes in the Olympics did a good job of showing us that these boundaries are not real, but imaginary places in our consciousness.

Dr. Holmes writes in Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life: "When we take the Law of Love as a foundation for our actions we shall always be safe: . . . the Law of Power is one with the Law of Love."

Love transcends fear, breaks down boundaries, and impels us forward along our Path.

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


The Divine Creative Force that is the Source of all and manifests through everything seen and unseen,

flows through me, as me, for me. It is all knowing, everywhere present, all powerful.

I am a very significant part of this Divine Creative Force. It has no limits, and therefore neither do I. I let go of all my self-imposed boundaries, tear down my walls, and feel the freedom this brings me. I live in Love. Love reflects Itself in all my actions in my world. Love manifests through all my hearts desires. Love is the reason for my being. I no longer place any boundaries on Love.

How grateful I am to let go. To know I have the freedom to create a life of goodness and peace excites me. Because God is, I am. Because love is, I am protected. Because goodness is, I am safe.

With joy I release these words into the Law of Mind. Right where I AM, God is, and where God is, all is well. I celebrate my Life. And so it is.