Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Great Sandy Challenge

To desert the Truth in the hour of need is to show that we never understood the Truth.
Ernest Holmes "Gateway To Life"

As I sat at my computer looking out at neighborhood trees radiant in the sun, the brilliant gold and red invited me outdoors.  I opened the front door. My front yard is a carpet of leaves.  It wasn’t that way yesterday. Now there are almost bare branches.  It is still a beautiful Autumn morning.  The sun is shining and there is a crisp feeling in the air.

The news is full of Hurricane Sandy – they’ve dubbed it “Frankenstorm,” saying it could be the worst one in our lifetime. Yet nothing in my immediate surroundings would have me believe that.  This doesn’t mean I am denying that it could happen, it’s just my observation on how life can change in an instant.

However, one of the tenets in the Declaration of Principles of the Centers for Spiritual Living, is "We Believe in the control of conditions through the Power of this Mind."  Hurricane Sandy gives us an amazing opportunity to put this Principle to work and prove it to ourselves. I've seen it work for weather before -- ask any of the couples I've married over the past 26 years :)

I’m inviting everyone to participate in what I’m calling “The Great Sandy Challenge.”
Let's use our wonderful minds and imagine the Hurricane moving back out to the ocean.  We don’t have to pray that it disappears, just that it changes course.

Now, the question is:  “Do you believe?  Do you believe we have the power to change the course of events?”   Many of us do when it comes to our personal lives, yet when something BIG seems to be happening we don’t.  Why?  What are we afraid of?

Perhaps it’s that we don’t feel safe in declaring the BIG things.  It all comes down to Trust.   Do you trust there is “a Power for good in the universe and you can use it?” as Dr. Holmes said?

With trust, obstacles fall away. No matter how BIG it looks, when we acknowledge the fear, step through it, and allow ourselves to KNOW and FEEL something different, the world changes.

It’s all about consciousness!  What we see ‘out there’ is a projection of what’s inside us.
It’s interesting that this storm is two storms coming together – especially in the political climate of today.   But that’s another message.

Let’s claim safety, wholeness, and peace for all, and watch the Frankenstorm go out to sea.


With a conscious awareness that what I think and feel has an effect on my world, I now declare that it’s all good, it’s all God.

I refuse to buy into the media hysteria.  I know nothing is impossible using the Law. In the Law there is no big or little.

I now declare that this weather incident has transformed into a no thing.  People and properties are safe.  And we who are praying, realize once again, how powerful we are.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing they are so, and so it is.