Friday, December 14, 2007

This morning while standing in line at a store I was getting very antsy. The cashier had been working with one person for quite a while. I found myself checking the other lines. I wanted to scream "Hurry up!!" or whine "Come on now, there's a long line here, get another cashier out here." I even wondered if I really wanted to buy what was in my basket right at that moment. And then I came to my Self.

It's easy to lose ones Self in the bustle of the holidays, isn't it? These are supposed to be holy days … not that the rest of the year isn't sacred, yet these particular days have been delineated as holy ones. These are the days to be honour the birth of Christ Consciousness or an awakening of the Light once again within us, and yet we spend them being really busy, allowing ourselves to get frustrated or anxious!

I took a deep breath and decided to do an eyes-open meditation. I noticed two little girls gazing with awe on the candy counter. "That's the biggest chocolate bar I've ever seen" said one breathlessly. Her sister agreed. Their eyes twinkled with joy. An older man and woman were holding hands in the next line as they discussed the gift they were buying for their grandchildren. Their eyes twinkled with love. I overheard a young woman on her cell phone talking about the puppy she'd bought for her husband. Her eyes were closed, but I could hear happiness in her voice. I felt blessed for being able to notice these things.

After awhile I no longer felt antsy. I didn't want to scream at anyone. I was making the most of the present moment. I thought about how I had remembered who I am – Spirit in form, and how remembering had changed my whole experience! Just then, a cashier tapped me on the shoulder and said "Follow me, I'm opening my till."

As I drove out of the parking lot, waiting behind a line of cars to make a left turn onto a very busy street, I decided to use the Creative Power to help us move into traffic. I thought about Moses parting the sea, and a huge space opened up. We were all able to make that turn.

Dr. Holmes writes on page 434 of the Science of Mind: "Everything our thought rests upon is either retarded or quickened by the power of that thought. Everyone is a law unto himself, under the great law of cause and effect governing all things.

When we constructively praise and creatively bless, life abounds with love, peace and joy. Let goodness shine forth. Let us learn to see that everyone is an evolving Christ."


The Infinite Creative Power of Great Good is right here, right now. It is the energy of Divine Love moving through me, creating peace. It is the energy of Infinite Intelligence growing my ideas into form. It is constantly creating me as an ever-expanding expression of Itself.

Today I choose to be creative instead of reactive. I acknowledge the busyness of the season, but do not let it affect me. I see the Presence of Great Good anywhere I am. It is within me and around me. There is no way I can get away from it. Even when I forget who I am, It is still there. If I do forget, I declare that Infinite Intelligence easily and effortlessly reminds me with love and humour.

All the days of my life are holy days. I am always walking on holy ground. How could it be any other way? All there is – is God

Gratefully I celebrate my constant return to my Self. God is Good – Great Good, and I accept Great Good into my life with joy. And so It is.

- -

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