Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day. I used to have a really hard time with this day.

When my adopted Mother was alive, even getting a card for her was difficult. They were all so sappy. There wasn't one that said "Even though you abused me, thank you for raising me," nor was there one for my birth mother that said "Even though you gave me away, thanks for giving me life."

It was also a difficult holiday because it took a long time to realize I was never going to have my own children. 

I had a lot of work to do and I did it. Forgiveness and Gratitude were the keys to my healing.

Sometimes something comes up that tells me there's more to do. My housemate's son and wife are having a baby any day now. I'm watching her go through the gamut of emotions waiting for her first grandchild. It hit me pretty hard that I'll never have that. Through the years I have experienced motherhood vicariously as I watched my girlfriends have children and now grandchildren, but it isn't the same.

Forgiveness and Gratitude are again the keys to my healing. I forgive myself for creating this experience.  How wonderful it is to be able to watch my friends with their children and grandchildren. How wonderful it is to have furbabies to love now. How grateful I am for the wonderful things I've learned from all the amazing Mothers in my life.
Today I moved into a new arena of gratefulness for Mother's Day -- the one I like to play in the most - the spiritual arena.

I am grateful for QuanYin - the Buddhist Divine Mother of compassion, for Durga - the Hindu Supreme Mother of all creation, for Isis, the Egyptian Divine Mother of healing, for Anu, the Celtic Mother Goddess of fertility and prosperity, for Blessed Mary, the Mother of the Christ and universal symbol of peace and grace, and for the Divine Mother of us all - Mother Earth.
Each of these Divine Mother's have left me a legacy, and I honor them for it.
Blessings for a Happy Mother's Day to all.

Spiritual Mind Treatment
Today I honor the Divine Feminine in everyone and everything, ancient and modern. I celebrate unconditional love and an unconditional givingness. This is the Love of God.

I now declare that with these words, hearts are healed and lives are transformed. 
We are absolutely willing to experience and express compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. We open our hearts to our own Christ nature, and experience grace. We celebrate Life itself as It lives in, through and as us.

Together we say:  "I am the Mother of my soul, and I honor and love myself as the Sacred Being I am."

Gratefully I release these words, rejoicing in them. And so it is.