Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween is almost upon us! Even if I didn’t have a calendar in front of me, I could tell it was coming by the proliferation of scary movies on TV. Which reminds me of a time when I was the Youth Director at the Honolulu Church of Religious Science. It was this same time of year and I believe the first Friday the 13th movie had just been released. The children in my Sunday School class were fascinated by the film … and I was aghast that their parents would even let them watch it!!

As I asked them if they were scared during the movie – they laughed at me, and said “Yes – and that’s what’s so fun!!”

FUN !?!?! Being scared is fun??? I couldn’t imagine enjoying being scared. I remember movies that caused nightmares, and real life experiences that scared the heck out of me.

Yet, what a novel way to approach the “scary stories” we attract into our life!! Most of us enjoy playing games. What if we really understood that getting fired, getting sick, getting divorced, experiencing lack of money, love, etc., were experiences we’d attracted on the board of this game called Life? Being scared would be the impetus to honour the game’s challenge, which would be to stay out of the story and move through the darkness of the story into the Light.

Rev. Lyn Billingsley (formerly of the Waikoloa Church of Religious Science) went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago. She told me about seeing a rock climbing wall the first day on the cruise, knowing she wanted to do it, yet the height of the wall and her lack of knowledge about climbing prevented her from trying it. Finally on the last afternoon, she realized she might not have another chance. She got suited up, and started climbing. The crew cheered her on as she took one step after the other, and when she was almost at the top, she suddenly realized that in the midst of her fear, she was having fun!

Allow yourself to think of an experience that scares you. Fear immobilizes us. Let yourself realize it’s all part of the Game of Life and let it be ok to be scared … then see how you can enjoy the Game!!

Playful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Our real existence is as Spirit, and only in the degree that we perceive our real existence as Spirit, do we drop the false sense of fear. Knowing this, I now celebrate my consciousness awareness of the Game of Life. God is the originator, the players, the game pieces and the board. It is working in me, as me, through me.

I choose to let go of my scary stories. I realize these stories are in my life so I can move beyond where I was to where I want to be. Who I want to be is authentically Spirit. Where I want to be is totally present in Life.

I choose to let myself enjoy each and every experience as I move around the Game board. Regardless of what I’ve attracted, I let myself see the humour in it. I am more powerful than I think I am, and I choose to let Life be fun!

Gratefully I recognize Spirit absolutely everywhere. Gratefully I accept I always have choice. Gratefully I let go and let God do Its’ magic through and as me.

I now release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so … and So It is.