Friday, May 14, 2010


Late last night I was playing with a Facebook app called "Goodreads" and I wanted to share it with one person. Unfortunately I hit the wrong button, and even tho I tried to shut down the app, it sent an invite to everyone on my gmail list -- and I have a lot of contacts!

When I realized what happened, I started to get nervous. All these people were going to see what kinds of books I read. Yes, I read wonderfully enlightening spiritual and self-help books, and many good novels -- but I also like escapist reading -- romance novels. My ex used to tell people I read Truth and trash. (You'd be surprised at how much Truth is in trash novels these days -- but then again, I can find it anywhere.)

This morning as I saw the numbers of people who'd also signed up for the app, I again thought "Oh no ... they're going to know I read romance novels!" Now I'm not sure why romance novels have such a bad rap -- the first one was written in 1740 so they've been around a long time. They make up 55% of the paperback market, yet even Wikipedia agrees that "Despite the popularity and widespread sales of romance novels, the genre has attracted significant derision, skepticism and criticism" and that "...most women are embarrassed to be caught reading one."

Reading this made me groan in embarrassment as I thought of my e-mail fiasco. My secret is out!!

Then a story from Marlo Morgan's book "Mutant Messenger" came to me, in which she writes about being on a walkabout with some aboriginal people in Australia. The walk was mostly in silence, yet when the group stopped to rest or eat, it seemed like the verbal conversations were ones that were continuing a conversation she hadn't heard the beginning of. She asked one of the women about it, and the woman told her that they talked all along the walk -- they talked telepathically. Marlo wondered out loud, "I wonder why I can't do that?" and the woman responded with "You Westerners have too many secrets."

What if we were really transparent people? We are the ones who give value and meaning to the things in our lives. If we were transparent, we wouldn't have secrets. OK - I enjoy romance novels. I'm going to stop being embarrassed about it. Truth is, I like writing them as well, but have always been afraid to submit anything because, after all, I'm a minister - what will people think?

The Science of Mind teaches that what we think is what we're teaching others to think about us. As long as I'm embarrassed about something, or have secrets, I will be afraid to be my Real Self. My fear will very subtly color every conversation and connection.

As we look around us at the global picture, we see lots of "secrets" coming to light. And maybe that's the point. Let's bring our secrets and fears to "Light." In the Light we can release the energy that's been holding the embarrassment in place and be free!!


Divine Life is absolutely everywhere. It is within me and around me. It is me.
Divine Love moves through me in compassionate waves, Divine Mind makes the way clear for a greater understanding of Truth.

The Truth is I have never done anything wrong. I now release my secret embarrassments. I no longer give them any value or meaning. I let them go with a sigh of relief. I am now free. Free to be my Real Self. Spirit in form, expressing uniquely as me.

With a grateful heart I declare my transparency. I am now more open to the indwelling Spirit and this is good, very good. And so it is.