Friday, October 03, 2008


Yesterday I watched a bit of both the Canadian and United States debates. The U.S. had two people at lecterns and a moderator. The Canadians had 5 people around a table and a moderator. The US allowed one person to talk at a time – not so the Canadians. It got pretty loud!

What I noticed about both debates was that politicians don’t just talk about what they’re going to do … most of what they talk about is what they believe the other side has done wrong! As if proving the other’s errors to their constituents will get them more votes.

Not long after I realized that, I got an e-mail from a person who is losing their job. It was filled with what their co-workers had done wrong. And a few days ago, I spent time on the phone with someone who is going through a break-up, and had to keep bringing them back to what they wanted now, instead of how they had been wronged.

Why do we have to make others wrong to affect change? Change is inevitable. We can’t get away from it. We can do it with grace. What if we refused to play the blame game? The Truth is that it is never just ‘their’ fault. We have to take responsibility for our part in every experience.

We might not realize this – but blaming someone for how our lives are going gives them power over us … accepting our responsibility in the creation brings our power back.

What if we took a deep breath and said – “Whoa, I created something that’s not working here – I’m going to take my attention off that, and focus on what I want to create.”

We all want to create a world that works for everyone, whether it’s on a political level, or a personal one. Let’s focus on that!


God is – and that is all there is. God – infinitely intelligent, unconditionally loving, everywhere present, all powerful. God – the magnificent Source Energy that is the substance of all things, and in all things, including me.

As I let this Truth sink deep into my subjective mind, I realize I don’t have to make anyone wrong to be right. I AM an expression of the Rightness of the Universe. I let go of any blaming I have been doing. As I do this, I am filled with the energy of Love. I see things rightly. I bless everything I see, and turn my attention to what I want to create. I choose to create peace, harmony, love, and wellness in all areas of my life. I choose to stand in the Light of Truth and see It reflected everywhere around me. I declare my life is good, very good.

I release these words into the Law of Mind with a heart filled with gratitude. And so It is.