Friday, November 04, 2011

One Truth, Many Paths

Every once and a while, someone comes to me and asks why our Center doesn't teach other healing modalities, like Reiki, EFT, or things like channeling, etc.. Then there are others that are adamant about not having anything but the Science of Mind taught in our Center or on our book table.

My response: It's all God - all Good. What ever works for you - go for it! Personally, I love Spiritual Mind Treatment, our form of affirmative prayer - and over the 25 years I've been a Religious Science Minister, I have seen the Truth revealed in so many people, resulting in bodies and hearts healed, minds transformed, and lives becoming magnificent.

Some say the Science of Mind is not enough. When Mike Dooley (author of Notes from the Universe) was in Baltimore, he started his talk by saying that people would come to him, telling him they loved his books and his "notes," but when was he going to do something more advanced? He'd look at them and say: "What's more advanced than "It is done unto you as you believe?" I loved that!

The Science of Mind doesn't deny any methods of healing, or forms of religion. None of them are wrong or more right than others. It teaches what our founder, Ernest Holmes, discovered after he realized the golden thread running through most of the major religions and philosophies of our world. Though many spiritual teachers have said it in different ways, in my opinion, this golden thread can be summed up by two statements: "All there is is God" and "It is done unto us as we believe."

This means that beneath all these other modalities, is our teaching. God is Law, and the Law is - It is done unto us as we believe. For any modality to work we have to believe it will. What ever I believe will work, will work for me -- what ever I don't believe will work, will still work by seeming to not work.

Some modalities say a person doesn't have to believe for their method to work -- yet in asking for a session, there's got to be a part of the asker that 'hopes' it will work .. and if that hope - or the need -- is strong enough, it will work, without their conscious awareness of believing it will do so. If a modality seems to work the first time, they'll try it again, and again, until their hope become a conscious belief. That modality might not work for others, but it will always work for them. Thank God we have so many options to choose from!

One day we'll realize that we all have the Power we attribute to others. We'll realize it is within us, and when we realize that, we'll KNOW there is really nothing to heal. How do I know this? Because it's all God. And that's the Truth!


The Universe is made of an amazingly powerful Energy that is the Source and Substance of all things. This Energy works through a part of Itself called Law. It works through us, as us, at all times, just as it works through all Life.

Knowing this I now let go of any judgments I might have about other ways of doing things. I know each person is on their right Path, and this Path leads them to the Truth of their Being. I pay attention to my own Path, and allow myself to be expanded by the contemplation of It.

As I walk my Path, I see we all desire the same things, and so I Know for all of us an eternally embodied feeling of well-being, peace, harmony, and love, and this is good, very good.

I celebrate all the ways we come to Truth, knowing they are all part of the Divine Whole. I celebrate the way that works for me, and I let It be my Good. I celebrate the way It works for others and I let it be their Good. I release these words with a deep sense of gratitude, and I let them go. And so It is.