Friday, June 23, 2006

A simple message came to my e-mail box this week from Dr. Ruth Marcus …

Flirting with life isn't enough.
Your commitment is what makes the difference.

I spent much of my childhood on the outside looking in. I hardly ever participated – I just watched and wished I could have the fun I was seeing. Of course, that was a lack of self-esteem and not feeling worthy. This is no longer my Truth, yet that quote made me wonder just where I am flirting with life now that I’m grown up.

As a youth I loved to write. As a teenager I used to write love stories. I’ve always known I could write good ones, and I’ve flirted with the idea of joining the ranks of romance writers for many years. I’ve probably started at least 50 stories. None of them were finished, none of them were sent in. Rev. Tag and I wrote a delightful science fiction/fantasy book … yet it sits embedded on a disk buried in a drawer of my desk.

Recently on CBC I heard about the 250th anniversary of Mozart and a story started coming. I wrote down my idea, and then spent the afternoon doing research. I was really excited and time just flew by! That was probably 3 weeks ago and nothing more has been done. Flirting with Life.

I KNOW writing is a Divine Gift … and yet I continue flirting. Teasing The Divine, so to speak, as I throw myself into a project and then let it die. Obviously I haven’t committed myself to truly expressing my Divine Gift, except through this medium. This medium is safe. I don’t have to face my fears about rejection, or doing it wrong. This medium brings lots of positive comments, even money. So I continue to flirt with my Gift.

Where are you flirting with Life? For clues, look at where you are the most afraid. Something tells me this is a great time for all of us to move beyond flirting!! The whole Universe is conspiring to manifest through us to be all that we are meant to be – why prevent It from doing so? Let’s make a commitment together – to be fully involved in this Divine Relationship.

This week the song that keeps playing in my head is another Ricky Byers-Beckwith song: Use Me. One of the lines is “God needs us to shine Its Light, as me, as you, so ……” The Gifts we have are to be shared – no matter how scary it is. Let’s stop flirting with Life by hiding our Light! Sing the chorus with me, will you?

Use me, oh God, I stand for You

And here I’ll abide as You show me

All that I must do.

I know for each of us that Infinite Intelligence within us has only our good in Mind. It is waiting for us to make the first step, and I know we are divinely guided in all we do. So -- I’m ready to make that commitment!! Are you?

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is that within me that is Infinite Intelligence. It is the starting point of all creation. It is creation itself. I now remember that the Mind I am using is Divine Mind, and all I need to know about anything is within.

Right now, I choose to stop flirting with Life. I am not alone. God and I are One. I declare I am fully committed to this relationship. I am an exciting, fulfilled, emanation of Divine Light. I shine this Light everywhere I go. I am prospered and blessed beyond measure because of my commitment.

Gratefully I celebrate my choice to stop flirting with Life. Life lives through me in Love, Laughter and Grace. And so it is.