Friday, October 29, 2010


Recently I had an experience that seemed impossible. I sat and watched it happen, and was amazed and pleased, yet I have had a hard time letting go of the "how did that happen?"

My reasoning mind wants things to be logical. I found myself thinking about the experience trying to discount it because it didn't make sense. I want to know how and why. I know I'm not the only one who does this.

I started thinking about our teaching, and the fact that we can do a Spiritual Mind Treatment, and all of a sudden (or so it seems), the wheels of the Universe have moved in a way that makes everything possible, where it didn't seem possible before. Things manifest in wonderful, almost magical ways.

Maybe our desire to have everything be logical and make sense is what slows down demonstration time!

In the mind of a child, magic is real. They haven't been told yet that it doesn't work. They don't even have to pretend. I've noticed that the beginning students of Science of Mind make demonstrations more quickly than those who've been in it for awhile. Maybe beginners mind is more like a child's mind. There's an excitement about this new thing to play with. Somewhere along the line, something happens to our excitement and things don't manifest as quickly. Perhaps we need to develop a willingness to let go of skepticism or reasoning, and just allow things to manifest.

What is helping me to do this, is knowing this Truth: With God all things are possible!
And it's all God.


We live in an elegant universe. It is filled with all possibilities, with the potential of all we can imagine. It works with Love through Law, in and as us.

I choose to start believing in the Power within me. I am using at all times whether I believe in It or not - always has and always will. This Power is unlimited. It knows nothing of recession, illness, lack, or feeling separate. It only knows It IS and It works wonderfully and immediately.

Therefore I know the Truth about myself and all beings. We are wonderfully made. We are healthy and loving. We are wealthy beyond measure. We are the Infinite in earth suits - a mingling of dust and divinity, breathed into Life.

I release all skepticism, doubt and fear. I am so grateful to know the Universe serves Itself in, through and as us. How easy it is to manifest our hearts desires.

As these words are written, so they are. And so it is.