Friday, February 27, 2009

Love Heals

The past few days I have been experiencing a cold. Not just a cold, but a COLD. My ribs hurt from coughing, I couldn’t sleep more than an hour at a time last night because I was so congested and my head was pounding. Walking up and down my stairs felt like climbing a mountain in very thin air. What a mess!!

This morning I read this statement on Facebook:

“The use of love is to heal. When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health."

--Deepak Chopra

It reminded me of a phrase I use quite often when doing a Spiritual Mind Treatments for others:

“ Love is the greatest healing agent in the Universe.”

Why is it that I Treat so easily for others, but when it comes to me, I don’t??? I fall into the effects and then by focusing on the effects I make things worse. I know I’m not the only one that does this. Yet Love won’t let us stay in our pity parties – It constantly sends us reminders – Love Notes from the Universe. Today I choose to love my self and let Love create health.


There is One Life – the Divine Energy that moves throughout the Universe. It is the Source and Substances of all there is. This Life is the Life I am living.

This Life is filled with Love and Law. Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible. I now rest in Love, welcoming the Creative Energy as It moves through me, returning me to perfect health. I declare I have health in every area of my life – my body, my finances, my self-expression and my relationships. I see Love everywhere and this is good.

I release these words into the law of Mind, knowing they are so, and so It is.