Friday, September 20, 2013

Choices, Choices, Choices

I was reading an entry in an old journal about a spiritual revelation I had over 30 years ago.  I could hardly describe it then, and even when I’ve thought it since, I’ve had a hard time describing it.  However, while reading my entry, I realized the thing that affected me the most was the realization that I had CHOICE.  I could choose whatever I wanted to be, do, say, or love.  Never again would someone else’s choice for my life be more important than mine.

As soon as I realized this, I started hearing people talk about their experience.  A woman who is new to our Center explained why she cries during my messages.  No one had ever told her she could choose her reality, much less encouraged her to do so. 

I asked my new students “Out of all the churches available, what drew you to a Center for Spiritual Living?”  Each one had a different story, yet the stories were about realizing they could choose what they wanted.

At every moment we get to make little choices.  Sometimes we get to make big ones.  How do we know when we’re making the right ones? 

I believe there’s an infinite intelligence that is the Source and substance of all there is, including me and you.  This Intelligence is part of an unconditionally loving Energy that is absolutely everywhere.  All we have to do is choose to acknowledge It, place our intentions for our life into It, and know this Presence can be trusted to serve us well. 

In the revelation experience I had, I remember a feeling of wonder and awe come over me, and I made the biggest choice of my life.  I held out my hands and said “Use me God.”  In that moment I chose to trust I would be guided along my path, and it would always be for the highest and best of all.  Within a few weeks, I was embarked on the path to ministry (though I didn’t know it at the time – I thought I was just getting people together for brunch and to watch Terry Cole Whittaker on TV on Sunday mornings.)   30 plus years later, I have participated in conferences in most of the world’s power spots, started two Centers,  mentored new ministers, and my first book is in the process of published.  Everything has been a choice – a choice to live a Spirit led life and to serve humanity to the best of my ability. 

I also remember a time in my life when I chose the wrong thing and was guided back to my Path.  While studying for the ministry, I had applied for a job in an exclusive jewelry store.  I made it through two interviews, and then was told that even though I was highly qualified for the position, I didn’t have the job.  I was devastated, but reminded myself that Infinite Intelligence had my highest good in mind, and I had to trust.  A week or so later, I found another job that perfectly suited my studies .. my boss even let me do my homework in the office!  That certainly wouldn’t have happened in the jewelry store! 

Think back on your life, and realize all the choices you’ve made.  You are right where you are now because of those choices.  Where do you want to be next year or 10 years from now?  Choose now, declare your intentions into the Law of Mind, let the Universe do the work it loves to do and trust the process!


Infinite Intelligence is present everywhere in potential and in expression.  It is here for me to use consciously or unconsciously.  I choose to be conscious in my choices.

I choose to experience Life in the fullness that It offers.  In my heart of hearts, I know what I want to be, do and have.  I now state those desires as intentions for my life into the Law of Mind with love.  Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible.  I pay attention to the inspiration the Universe is constantly giving me as I walk the Path of my intentions.  I know, without doubts, fears or concerns, that I can trust Infinite Intelligence to guide me, nurture me and support me as I become all I want to be. 

How grateful I am to know I am making wise choices, not only for myself, but for all humanity.   I release these words, knowing they are already embodied deep within my subjective mind.  And so it is.