Friday, March 13, 2009

“These are desperate times. Challenging times. Hard times are ahead. Time to tighten your belt. It’s going to get worse before it gets better …..”

I know you’ve read and heard the same things. We’re being bombarded by the media, hearing stories of financial disasters from friends, etc.. NO! NO! NO! – this is not our Truth!! I’ve been using the Power of No a lot lately. My favourite phrase (not always said out loud) is “Not in my Reality.”

Many of these are phrases are also from spiritual teachers – usually followed by claims that buying their CD’s, books, courses etc. are the way out of the negative conditions. Stop listening!! Don’t we realize that by claiming the conditions or agreeing with them, we are perpetuating them!?!

There’s a story about Napoleon Hill, who was an advisor to President Roosevelt during the depression. The President once asked him “What should we do about this crisis?” Mr. Hill responded “Stop talking about it.” Mr. Hill helped create a Master Mind alliance in Congress. Pres. Roosevelt asked the media to let go of the stories of doom and gloom and they did. Congress, churches, schools and groups got behind the President, and began to talk about the good in the world, especially the United States. Soon the crisis was averted.

Ernest Holmes’ teachings advise us to turn away from effects, declare what it is we want, and move forward acting as if it is already so. Yes, it can be hard to turn away from what seem to be dwindling resources, especially when many are dwelling in fear, but the Truth is, we live in an abundant universe. Another favourite saying of mine: “There is always more where that came from.”

"Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around."

- Henry David Thoreau

I believe this absolutely. It is time for those of us who believe to live our beliefs. The Truth is we are living in exciting times! The old paradigms are falling away, and we are awakening to our Spiritual Magnificence! We set this in motion, and we will benefit from it. Stop looking at the effects as if they were disasters!!

Right now I am looking out my window at a sun dappled garden. Where there is shade there is still snow, however, the trees and plants have tiny leaf buds on them. The world’s financial situation could be like that snow, sticking to the shadowed places – and we are the plants growing in the Light regardless of appearances. I celebrate our growth! I celebrate our prosperity!


Lifting my consciousness above and beyond the human condition, I declare I dwell in a consciousness of world that works for all. In this world is peace, love, harmony and abundance. In this world we are aware of ourselves as spiritual beings playing in the realms of Infinite Potentiality.

Creative Principle is at work in every facet of our experience. I am motivated, empowered and inspired by Divine Intelligence within me. Nothing outside of me can prevent my growth. Nothing outside of me can prevent my conscious awareness of the Truth of my being. Today I know, without any doubts, that Life is moving through each of us creating more good all the time. I love allowing It to do so.

I rejoice in the fulfillment of our good. I celebrate our awakening to our spiritual magnificence. I honour the Presence that makes all this possible. I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are already so. And so it is.