Friday, October 21, 2011

Be Vigilant

Last week I bought a woman's magazine for a recipe I wanted to try. I finally got around to looking at the magazine this week. As I flipped through it, I had the weirdest feeling ... part of me wanted to rip out the recipe, and put the magazine in the recycling. I didn't want to finish looking at it. So I started again at the beginning to see why.

In a 232 page magazine, 25 full page ads were for food, 21 were for cosmetics, 21 were for medications, (and some of those were 4 pages long) 17 were for household items (cleaners, etc), 9 were for house items like furniture, floors, etc., 7 were for clothes, 2 were for credit cards, and 1 was for a car. This does not include all the little ads filling up the spaces.

Now this isn't necessarily bad - the magazine has to pay for itself & make some money, that's just business. What bothered me is the tone of some of the advertising. For instance, 21 full page ads for medications - "get a better grip on life" ... "after _________, you can have it all" .... "come out from under the cloud.."

21 full page ads for cosmetics - "gravity doesn't stand a chance" ... Erase age instantly ... "makes you look younger."

Then I look at the articles - "Why Your Food Isn't Safe" ... "Are Smart Cards Safe?" ... "Is Your Bedding Safe?" ... "Staying Safe in a Risky World" ... "Crisis Control" And, not one of the models in the clothing articles was above a size 4.

So - even though we're all going to do it, getting older is bad, we've got to be thin or we're not pretty, nothing in our world is safe, and if you take pills, you'll be OK. YIPES! All these are subtle messages, but they are messages all the same.

Now - for the magazines sake - I must say there were also very good articles amongst all the fear based stuff.

So why do I bring this up? It surprised me!! It surprised me how subtle negative energy seeps into everything in our lives. It made me more aware how we have to vigilant at the doorway of our minds - whether speaking, listening or reading!


There is a creative Principle in this Universe that works for us by working through us. It is the working nature of The Divine. This Principle is both intelligent and loving. It is here for us, and It is within us.

I now declare there is a Silent Witness within me that guides me along my Life Path, leading me past the negativity and fear based effects of the world way of thinking. Though I might notice it, I am no longer affected in any way by the mass consciousness unless it is for everyone's highest and best good. I live in a new world. A world of Love, Life and Light. My world is supportive and nurturing, peaceful and harmonious.

I celebrate my decision to live this way. I am so grateful I can be more aware of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I celebrate everything as God and this is good, very good.

I release these words into spiritual law, knowing they are now part of my Truth. And so It is.