Friday, July 15, 2011

What Do I Want?

Lately I've heard quite a few people say "I'm not praying for what I want anymore, I'm just praying that God will show me what's next."

In one respect I really honor that statement, because it denotes a sense of spiritual surrender -- the "not my will but Thine" consciousness. if you're really ready and willing to go on an amazingly mystical, mystery tour, you will. Be advised: Sometimes it won't seem so amazing or mystical and it will certainly bring up everything that needs to be cleared for the journey! So if this is what you really, really want, here's a hint: Be really clear on the qualities of the God you believe in! IE: If you have any vestiges of the old judgmental Father God, you will be judged and faced with various authority issues. If you truly believe in a Loving Presence, then ahhhh, you will be loved beyond measure. Believe me, surrendering certainly shows you the God you really believe in!!

And yet, Ernest Holmes writes: If someone should ask whether or not God has any intention for them, the answer would be that the only intention God could have,if one is an individual, would be to let the individual alone to discover themselves. In this discovery of the self, we impress the Law (which is sensitive, creative and can deduce only) with the images of our own belief about ourselves, and the Law creates a form around these images.

This means that not only do we have to be clear about the God we believe in, we've got to be really, really clear about what we believe about ourselves as well! We've also got to have a Vision of who we are becoming. We've got to know what we want.

We're taught in the Science of Mind, to treat (affirmatively pray) for the consciousness of the thing we desire. If we want God to show us our next step - then we have to treat for the consciousness of knowing there is an infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving Mind within us that is guiding us ..... but we also have to know where we want to be guided to. It could be greater love, inner peace, true intimacy, a feeling of abundant living, divine health, fulfilling our purpose, etc. We create the mental mold, setting the Law of Attraction in action, and the Universe goes to work!

We've got to know what we want!!


I know there is a Power for Good that is working in, through and as us, to fulfill Itself as us.
This Power is infinite -- this Power is Love.

Therefore I declare I am ready and willing to create the life I have always wanted to live. I imagine myself feeling a deep peace in every area of my life. I see myself experiencing The Divine in ways I had not thought of before. I feel Divine Love as it radiates through every cell of my body, and every thought of my mind.

I choose gratefully. I choose wisely. I choose with a great joy at being able to choose. I am moving forward with grace and ease, and I celebrate Life!

I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are so now, and so it is.