Friday, February 27, 2015

Living in Delight

The OTHER DAY I POSTED This tweet:

“Life responds to me in delightful ways”

A friend re-tweeted it with this addition:

“How long has it been since you held the sensation of delight?”

Delight is defined in my dictionary as “a high degree of gratification … and  … the power of affording pleasure.

How long has it been?

Many of us pride ourselves on how busy we are.  If we’re not busy, we feel like there’s something wrong, or missing.  Yet how much are we missing by always being busy?  Today take delight in your life – especially the little moments.

In order for the Universe to respond to you in delightful ways – you've got to be delighted!

How do you do that?  Be grateful for everything.

How delightful it is that we woke up this morning.  How delightful my first cup of coffee is.  How delightful it is to have a period of meditation.  How delightful to hear my cat purring while I’m meditating.    

Go ahead – add some of your own.


“We exist in Limitless Opportunities, which are forever seeking expression through us.”  ~ Ernest Holmes

Gratefully I acknowledge the limitless opportunities that are always presenting themselves to me.  I know they are mine by right of my consciousness. 

I declare that my life is full of delightful experiences and I see them, and experience them.  Life Itself lies open to me so that I am held in the sensation of Delight. 

There is so much to be grateful for.  I am in awe of the Universe.  I celebrate the Truth that there is only One Life – this Life is God’s Life – and this is the Life I am living right now!

I release these words to Spiritual Law, knowing it is so.  And so it is.