Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Sunday I had the honour of participating in ceremony at another church so I also got to “go to church” instead of lead it. During the pastor's message, he made a very profound statement:

“The price you pay for the life you want is --- the life you have.”

Everyone take a deep breath!

In order to have the life of our dreams we have to give up the life of lack and limitation that we’re living now. I’m not talking about our outer life, I’m talking about our inner life. We can pray, affirm, and declare our intentions, but if we’re working from the old consciousness, things won’t manifest the way we desire. Jesus said it like this: “You can’t put new wine into old wineskins.”

Ernest Holmes writes on page 475 of the Science of Mind “Let us make this plain. IF ONE IS NOT ATTRACTING GOOD INTO HIS LIFE, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIS UNCONSCIOUS THINKING. As the subjective state of his thought constitutes the sum total of his belief, it is his habitual attitude toward life and living. This inner thought content is the sole medium between the Absolute and the relative, between causes and conditions.”

That habitual attitude is creating our current reality. When you make your declarations for what you want, are you really willing to let that old attitude go? Another way to say this is that we are the author of the script of our lives. Perhaps some of us went on strike a long time ago – and so we’ve had to act out that old script over and over.

Holmes goes on: “When this inner thought is clarified, that is, when it knows the truth, it will reinstate the outer man in peace, poise, health and happiness. This inner thought becomes clarified as we unify with good, this is the inner quickening. Following this is the outer quickening – the outward sign of the inner belief.”

When we are writing our new scripts – let’s remember this Truth: The inner thought has to be unified with good – God. There is One Life – this Life is God’s Life, and this is the Life we are choosing to live!


God and I are One. There can be no separation – we are One. One Life we are expressing. One Heart we are living in. One Mind we are using. All there is – is God.

Knowing this, I choose to look at the life I have been living and see if it’s equal to God. I easily and effortlessly remove my old beliefs in unworthiness, lack or limitation of any kind. I remember who I am. God in form.

I rewrite my life script so that my GodSelf is the main character. I am loving, healthy, wise, prosperous and creative. I am filled with Divine wisdom. My life is divine life and I’m making it a great one!

Gratefully I acknowledge my Self. I acknowledge my willingness to move beyond the old life. My life is transformed by renewal of my mind.

I release these words, knowing they are already embodied deep within my subjective mind. And so it is.