Friday, April 11, 2014

Changes .....

My life changed drastically this winter.  I was working and loving what I was doing, and the next moment wasn’t working and feeling a deep sense of loss.  A friend’s sister had written a blog titled “Nothing Prepared Me for This.”   And that’s the Truth.  Nothing in my life prepared me for what I was experiencing.  I felt like I was walking through a thick fog, doing what was in front of me to do, stranded alone except for a couple of friends, (thank God for them!)  The ease and joy of life was gone.  I was full of self- doubt about my abilities and unsure as to whether my vocation was still viable.  I didn’t know what I would do.  I felt lost, abandoned, even shunned.

I allowed myself to really feel the confusion, disappointment and sadness.  At the same time I was feeling grateful to have this teaching as my foundation.  I knew how to take responsibility for my experience.  Not responsibility for what others said or did, but responsibility for my actions and reactions.  I remembered I could count on Spiritual Law, and trust that powerful, Loving Presence within me.  After a few weeks, I started to feel alive again, and with the coming of Spring, even more so. A part-time job came about quite synchronistically and my pet sitting business started to grow again.   

I started receiving invitations to be a guest speaker at various Centers, and with each opportunity, I again realized my passion is still the ministry.  I have no doubts about my vocation.  I sent out candidating packages to 4 Centers needing a Spiritual Leader. I know the Universe is leading me to the right and perfect place for me and all concerned. 

Sure, there are times I get fearful, like when my bills aren’t being paid so I can pay the rent, but I also know this is temporary.  I KNOW I can trust the Law of Mind to honor my dominant thoughts and feelings, so I stay centered in Peace and Love.  I’ve also realized that living in the “groundlessness of being” as Pema Chrodin calls it, is not a bad place to be! 

No, nothing prepares us for sudden changes, however, maintaining our daily spiritual practices during the good times helps us stay centered and trusting during our challenges.  Everything always works out perfectly, for the highest and best for all!   


There is that within me that is infinitely intelligent and unconditionally loving.  I know this Presence as God – a Divine Energy that is the Source and substance of all things.  How grateful I am to constantly remember this.

I now declare into the Law of Mind for myself and all else who are experiencing challenges of any kind, that we KNOW we can change our minds right now and effect change.  I declare that Life is providing us with an abundance of trust, self-confidence and inner peace, and we are open to receiving it. We move through our challenges with ease and grace.  We have a deep understanding of their message.  Divine Mind is assisting us in attaining and maintaining the consciousness of the life we desire to live, and it feels good.

I am grateful to facilitate change.  I am grateful to know the Truth of our being.  God in us, as us, is doing Great Work.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they’ve been embodied and we are living from a Higher Truth   And so it is. 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Rev. Angelica’s Wild Ride.

I saw a picture of a roller coaster the other day and realized that’s what my life has been like lately.  I got on it just before the holidays and the ride’s not over yet.  Not really the pattern I wanted to set for 2014, but we do what’s in front of us, eh?   It’s Rev. Angelica’s Wild Ride.     

Now, I’ve never been a big fan of roller coasters.  I normally avoid them, yet once one gets on, it’s got to be ridden to the finish. 

As usual, I’m working on being in the moment and being observant.  When the ride is climbing up I can breathe –when it’s heading down and accelerating, it’s scary.  I’ve noticed that when I’m afraid it’s because I feel like I’m out of control. 

I know I’m not the only one having this experience.  I decided to look up “fear of roller coasters.”  As I perused the various articles, I came up with these points to help us:
1.       Make sure you’re not thinking that someone else has pressured you into being on this ride – this will only add to the feeling of not being in control.  I know I attracted this ride – maybe I don’t know why I did, but I will.
2.      Remember to breathe. Breathing helps me center myself.    
3.      Let yourself feel the ride.  Some of my feelings have been various types of loss, anger, sadness, and feeling ‘not enough’.  They all come down to fear.  Feel the fear, knowing it’s part of the process and it’s temporary.
4.      During the ride, scream.  It’s important to express your feelings.  Thinking your feelings are negative and covering them by being positive doesn’t make the feelings go away.  It just buries them.    Feelings buried decompose.  Talk to someone or journal.
5.      Outsmart the "scare factor." Remember that the loops and sudden drops are part of the ride and are perfectly safe.  Think of the car you’re sitting in as The Divine.  Remember my fear of the ride heading down and speeding up?  Someone once told me not to look down – to tilt my head back and look up.    In fact, look up and smile!
6.      When you’re in overwhelm, close your eyes.  Go within.  Pray, meditate, chant – do whatever you do to become centered again.   
7.      Sit in the front car – face it, feel it, and the ride will be over quicker!

The musician Sting said:  “Crisis is essential to creativity; it’s what makes you do things you couldn’t do before. Being in a stable situation (might produce)… nicely balanced work – but not the really good stuff. The really good stuff comes from pain, not comfort. Pain is essential. If you have not got pain, then you had better go out and get some.”

With what I’ve written, you might think my life’s been terrible, but it hasn’t.  Most of the time, I am filled with a deep peace.  I'm having fun living in the gap between what I know and what I don't.  I do Know everything is working out for my highest and best good - and it will for you too. God’s got our back. I also Know this:  When things seem like they’ve broken down, the Truth is, they’ve broken through!


We live in a Field of infinite potentiality. This Field is the Energy of God. It is the Source and substance of all there is.  It is everywhere present.  It is all power.  It is all intelligence.  It resides in and works through us at every moment.  This is the Truth.

Regardless of appearances, regardless of how I feel, I remember this Truth at a deep soul level.  I lean on this Truth.  I know God’s got my back.  This Field I am calling God, is working through my thoughts and feelings, attracting to me that which I am focusing on.  I refuse to dwell in fear.  I continually choose to think on things that are good, things that are pleasing to my mind and heart, things that nourish my soul.

The roller coaster of Life is now a fun and exciting ride, one that will add many wonderful stories to my collection.  God is good.  Life is good.  All is well.

Gratefully I celebrate knowing God in me, as me, is living a wonderful life.   

I release these words into the Law of Mind, feeling them sink deep into my subject mind with ease.   And so it is.      

Friday, December 27, 2013

Being With What Is

The day before Christmas I was making scalloped potatoes using a mandolin slicer.  I sliced my finger.  Just a tiny cut that bled profusely, (not into the potatoes), that I took care of with medicine and a Band-Aid.  I felt like I had to be very careful and protective so it wouldn’t hurt again.   

Life is like this.  Something hurts me emotionally, and I try to protect myself. I try to protect myself by resisting what is, blaming, or making new rules.  For instance, I wanted my finger to heal instantly, I blamed myself for not using the mandolin correctly, and for a short time, I decided to never use the mandolin slicer again.

I also want to tell the story, and I want a listener to feel sorry for me or agree with me.  In the past, I might have told people “Look I sliced my finger!”  and if I didn’t get what I needed I’d tell someone else, and with each telling the story would get bigger – “Look I almost sliced my finger off!”

Four days later I’ve forgotten that tiny cut unless I’m doing something that involves the sliced finger.  Then it hurts. 

Life is like that as well.  I think I’m resolving whatever it was, then something comes up that brings everything back in my face again.

This cut is helping me understand the Buddhist concept of ‘being with what is.”  At the moment of the pain, I can’t resist it, I can only breathe through it, knowing that everything is temporary.  My body is self-repairing.   When I don’t resist, I don’t blame or make new rules or keep telling the story.

As a metaphysician, what do I do while “being with what is?”    Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind “A thought of Love is always healing… “   Yes, I love.  I love myself, my finger, my emotions and even the mandolin slicer. 


God is Love and Love is the greatest healing agent in the universe.  God is all there is which means Love is all there is, so this is who I am – Love made manifest.

I now choose to let my thoughts and feelings rest in Love.  I let Love be my autopilot, moving me constantly back to center.  In the center, I am with what is, always choosing the way to love everything and everyone, including myself, into the highest and best good.

How grateful I am to experience The Divine in so any ways, especially Love.   I now release these words into the Mind and Heart of God, knowing they are so, and so it is.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Regardless of Appearances, the Future Looks Good.

Those of you who’ve been reading my weekly messages for a few years know that during this season I venture out among the shoppers to take the pulse of the collective consciousness.  I do this by looking at the colors and decorations adorning our malls and stores, and talking to sales people and shoppers. 

This year, the word I’d use to describe the theme of the decorations is ‘classic.’  The dictionary defines this as “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.”

Everywhere I went the main decorations were classic Christmas trees, decorated in big red, gold and silver balls with lots of lights.

When I talked with sales people and shoppers, for the first time in my research there were no “favorite” ornaments, though I noticed the ‘new’ ornaments were woodland animals, made of a bristly type of material.    
Red was predominant.  Yes, it’s the color of Christmastime, and it’s the color of Love.  It is the warmest color of the spectrum.  It’s exciting and energizing.  It’s the color we relate to sexual energy, and also to anger.  It’s used to get attention and it’s used to denote courage.

Silver is about reflection and cleansing, and also intuition.  Gold is about confidence, wealth, higher ideals and wisdom.

I interpret the underlying message to be that we want our lives back!   We’re tired of the political bickering and underlying rage.  We’re tired of being afraid to go outside.  Our intuition says there’s more to life than the acquisition of things. We’re ready to passionately live a life that is the highest and best for all.  We have the courage to move this cleansing period so that our lives reflect a new confidence, higher ideals and the wisdom that we know is possible.   We’re ready to live life authentically!

Breathe deep, regardless of appearances, the future looks good.


Gratefully I acknowledge the Presence of The Divine.  It is speaking to me from every corner of the Universe and It is saying “Remember who you are – you are My Own Self.”

I breathe deeply and let go of anything that no longer serves me.  I am open to the experience of the season as it moves through me.  I recognize that I am the one who must make the difference in my circle of influence, and I choose now, to live in peace and love and harmony.  I live from a deeper place than I ever have before, and I see before me a world that works for everyone.  I keep this Vision foremost in my mind.   Life Itself is living through me, with ease and grace.

How grateful I am to remember this.  How grateful I am to be a vehicle for Love in our world. I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are so.  And so it is.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Honor the Decision, One Moment at a Time

Yesterday a great man died who spent most of his life working for freedom.   Today I watched a video from Mary Morrisey where she recounted her meeting with Nelson Mandela.  She had asked him how he’d gone from being an angry young man to one who was known for promoting peace.   He told her he had to make a decision, and then honor that decision, one moment at a time.  

Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind “The one who wishes to demonstrate some particular good must become conscious of this particular good, if they wish to experience it.”   Mr. Mandela’s decision was made in prison where he lived in for 27 years.  That means the only place he could have become conscious of the ‘particular good’ was in his mind.

He told Mary Morrisey that he constantly had to ask himself “If my being in this moment were actually part of something much bigger, much more important, then how would I be in this moment?”   We now know that a small jail cell can’t stop one who has a greater idea.

What ‘particular good’ do you want?   How would you be if it was already true?    Be that!  We no longer have any excuses.


I know there is only one Mind – the infinitely intelligent Mind that is the Source and substance of all.  The energy of this Mind fills me so completely I think It is my mind, however it’s my use of this One Mind that is co-creating my reality.

Knowing this, I am open to becoming conscious of the particular good I desire.  This good not only benefits me, but it serves the highest and best for all.  I now live each moment as if the good I desire is here now. 
Whatever my good is, it is God in form, and I celebrate that!

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are already so.   And so it is.