Friday, August 22, 2008

In an Instant

This morning I got up feeling great. I knew the day was going to be a busy one as we're getting ready for our booth at the Langley International Festival, and I was looking forward to getting my projects finished. I walked past the living room noticing that Omar, my beautiful Egyptian Mau cat, wasn't in his chair – but thinking nothing of it, went into the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot, and then to turn on my computer. Something made me stop and look out the window – Omar was laying at the bottom of the driveway. That was strange – I tapped on the window but no response. The bright sunny day suddenly became very grey. I flew down the stairs and out the front door, but his beautiful spotted coat was cold and his body was stiff. I think he was hit by a car. I am grateful that someone kindly put him in my driveway and didn't leave him in the street.

So here I sit, numb. Omar's now in a box, waiting to go to the Centre yard and be buried with a plant honouring his life. Life goes on. There's still those projects to be finished, but now they seem more like a chore than something fun to do. Part of me can't stop crying for my beloved friend of 8 years … and the other part is amazed at how quickly a day can change. In an instant, life changes - old comfortable routines are gone, a part of your heart is broken.

Another reminder to live in the NOW. To really experience and appreciate every moment with everything in our lives - because we just don't know how long it will last.


There is One Life – GodLife. It is everywhere present. It is the unchangeable Source of all, and yet It changes continually in and as Its manifestations. It is movement, progress, evolution. It is my life and what I am experiencing.

I know Life is eternal and I honour Life in all things. I also accept the temporal dimension we live in as physical beings. Today I choose to pay more attention. I approach each experience with grace and gratitude and feel all the feelings each experience has to offer. I am open and receptive to all of Life's blessings.

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind. And so It is.