Saturday, August 18, 2007

How are you doing with our Complaint-Free World Campaign? I’ve gotta tell you I’ve thought about quitting – this is harder than I thought it would be! I’ve even forgotten to wear the bracelet a couple of days. However, when we started and I realized how much complaining was part of my experience, I made a commitment. I had no idea it was going to take so long. I have been able to make it two days without changing my bracelet to the other wrist. Yea! Yet no sooner was I patting myself on the back about it, I found myself complaining again! For instance, I was walking through an organic vegetable farm market today, and heard myself thinking “They want me to pay that for those!?!” Complaining is so subtle … and the bracelet is doing its job by making me conscious of what’s going through my mind.

Someone told me they had made it through a week without letting the complaints come out their mouth. Which told me they were thinking them, just not speaking them aloud. I wanted to say “Hey, complaints are complaints” but it wasn’t my business to tell them how they should participate in the Campaign. Truth is, I’m doing this for myself, and I’m glad people are willing to play with me!

However, I want to remind all of us that our theme for this year is Experiencing Heaven in 2007. The only thing that keeps us from that experience is our consciousness. The point of our Campaign is to become aware of our thought processes. As we do, we will begin to see when and why we’re not living in heaven. And what is heaven? To me it is an embodiment of the consciousness of Oneness, of liberty, and joy.

This is what I really want. So I recommit myself daily. If you’ve been going through the same things I have - keep breathing - I KNOW we can do it!


Living in this glorious world of infinite possibilities, I celebrate Its Divine Nature. I celebrate knowing all there is is God. There can be nothing else. God is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present – including right where I am. My life is Divine Life, and I am honoured to be an expression of It.

Today I recommit to living a complaint-free life. My intention is to live in heaven. I now declare my consciousness is clear that It is Divine. Everything in my life reflects this choice and it is good, very good.

As I make my intentions clear to myself, Divine Mind, through Law, assists me in attaining and maintaining them. I am so grateful for this wonderful process. I love Life and all that is in it! This Life is a good life – It is God’s Life!

And so It is!