Friday, January 11, 2008

NOTE: Round 3 of THANK GOD IM RICH starts on January 15th see announcement below!

Dear Ones,

I am so grateful to a couple of churches in my area with big marquees – I get inspired by their messages. This week I read:

Is prayer your steering wheel or spare tire?

Years ago when I told my Mother I was going to become a minister, she asked Do you really believe in God? Out of my mouth came my truth of the moment Yes, when Im in trouble.

Is this what we do with Spiritual Mind Treatment? Use it when were in trouble? If it is our spare tire, we are only using it in emergencies – to heal a condition or transform an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes that spare tire is flat and we have to pump it up to use it. Sometimes were so caught up in our emergencies our Treatments dont seem to work. We have to work harder.

If we are using Spiritual Mind Treatment as our steering wheel, then it is our guide down Lifes Path. It is constantly being maintained, instantly available.

Wouldnt you rather be enjoying the drive than having to change the tires??


Today I choose to let my Self be the driving force in my life. I recognize the Allness of The Divine. I recognize Divine Law at work.

I AM the one consciously driving the Law. I am so grateful for the tool of Spiritual Mind Treatment. As I use it on a daily basis, I realize my word has power. I am the focal point for Divine Life to move into the world. I enjoy the ride, because I can be in Present Time.

Gratefully I celebrate my consciousness for attracting this faith tradition. It is good, very good. And So It Is.

OK – the Holiday Bills are coming in – dont panic!! Join me for 60 days of Prosperity Thinking with the 3rd session of THANK GOD IM RICH! Your assignment, if you choose it, will be to read and think about the daily e-mail I send you. Dont worry, most of them are short, and can be contemplated at any time!! To sign up, respond via e-mail. Your opportunity starts on January 15th!

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