Friday, March 09, 2007

A few days ago I decided to get a cup of coffee in a little shop in the mall I’d never been in before. As I sat at a table watching the hustle and bustle going on just outside the door, I could hear snatches of conversation going on around me. At that moment the occupants of the shop were women. I heard stories about children, spouses, errands, hairdressers, gas prices, dentists – and even though the stories were coming from different tables, there was one common denominator = Complaints.

Is this what our communication with each other has come to? Have we refined the art of complaining rather than the art of conversation?

I wrote in my journal “I now live a complaint free life.”

Of course, now that I was aware of complaining, I started hearing my own self-talk. As I pulled up to my building, someone was parked in my spot. I opened my mailbox to find someone else’s mail – again. I walked into my office to find bird feathers and other parts under my chair. Suddenly, I started laughing. I certainly have perfected the art!! I could have acknowledged that the person in my spot was moving things and my spot happens to be closest to the doors. I could have thanked Darling Daisy for bringing me a present - but I didn’t – I went into automatic complaining mode.

Once again I realize the value of one of don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 Agreements:
Don’t take anything personally. That’s where my complaints were coming from. It was as if each person (and cat) were doing something intentionally to me! Now really!!

How grateful I am to have overheard those coffee-shop conversations. Join me this week in letting go of our mastery of the art of complaining …. Say with me:

“I am living a complaint free life!”

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


I recognize the ever-present Divine Life that is flowing in, through and around me. This Life has everything in it necessary to the fulfillment of my highest good. All I have to do is declare a thing so – and all the power of the Universe rushes to make my declaration my Truth.
How grateful I am to be able to declare I live a complaint free life. My life is God’s Life – so there is really nothing to complain about! Every experience I have is a reflection of my use of the Divine Creative Field of Potentiality. I chose to know myself in a greater and deeper way, thereby reflecting only the highest good in myself, and all whom I come in contact with.

Gratefully, I release this Treatment, knowing the power of my words and the feelings behind them. All is well and peaceful in my world. And so It is.