Friday, February 10, 2006

The past week I have been surrounded by roses. I’ve been helping Beverley Woodburn, who is co-owner of the New Westminster Floral Company, get ready for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve learned a lot about flowers, but more than that, I have seen Creative Mind at work! Beverley is a visionary and a risk taker. She opens up to Infinite Intelligence for the ideas, and trusts that same Intelligence to guide her in putting those ideas into action. So many of us have delightful ideas, but they remain just that – ideas. Beverley trusts her ideas, and attracts the people and materials necessary to get things done.

We’ve been working with predominantly red and white roses because of the holiday, and as I looked at their meanings (Red roses signify love, respect & courage. White = reverence & purity) I saw that these are qualities that a visionary must embody to make things happen. A visionary loves and respects themselves and the Creative Mind within them. They have the courage to step out and take risks – saying Yes to being the vehicle for the manifestation of ideas. They have a deep reverence for this same Creative Mind in others, and there is an innocence within them that hasn’t really heard the “you can’t do that!” that stops so many of us from moving into our greatness.

Today yellow roses showed up. They signify joy, gladness and freedom. Those of us who know Beverley certainly know her as a woman filled with a lot of joy, as well as a bringer of joy to others. Again, this is something a visionary must embody to get things done – a deep sense of joy & gladness for the freedom to express Divine Ideas and serve with ease!

What Divine Ideas are coming through you? Perhaps you can give the Universe a Valentine this year by loving and respecting your Self enough to say YES. Step out courageously in faith, knowing it is the nature of Creative Mind to attract all that you need. Move through each step with a deep reverence and joy for all that you can do. All of Life is about Love. Let Love lead your life. Be your own Valentine this year with grace and joy!

Loving Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is That Within me that is a wellspring of creativity. It is all ideas and all things necessary to the fulfillment of those ideas. It is my Source and my Sustainer.

I now choose to open my mind to the greater vision of my life. I let go of doubt and fear and see that I am always supplied with all I need. What ever I choose for myself, what ever Divine Idea I latch on to, the Universe stands and applauds because of Its love for It’s own self as me. I now know what my highest good is, and I allow it into my life. Everything I need is here right now.

I celebrate my existence in Creative Mind. I celebrate being a fountain of ideas. I am so grateful for my conscious awareness of the process of Mind, and my part in it. I live a creative life, a Divine Life, and this is good, very good. And so it is.