Friday, March 19, 2010


March 20, is the first day of Spring. Take a deep breath. Everything is lightening up.

A while ago, I planted some basil seeds in a small pot and put it on my kitchen window sill. Even though it looked like just a pot of dirt, I knew something was working underneath the soil. The urge to grow showed up as two tiny plants today, and in the next few days, even more will come up, and soon I will have to thin them.

This is what Spring feels like to me. It's like we've been seeds, buried in the darkness of winter, yet even though it was dark, something was working in us, as us. This something is Spirit, and if Spirit was a person, I think this would be her favorite time of year. We're breaking our hard shell casings, and sending up our intentions towards the Light. Those ideas we'd planted are coming into fruition. Sometimes they start to manifest in many different ways and we get really busy. They've got to be thinned out. Of course, as a gardener of my basil and of my thoughts, I will keep the strongest ones, the ones that will do the most good.

Our minds are our sacred gardens. They will nurture and support us if we tend them daily. Water and fertilize with your prayers and meditation, pull any stray thoughts, reseed every so often, and then relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


We live in an infinite Field of creative potential. This Field is Divine Energy. It is powerfully loving, absolutely intelligent, and within everything that is. There is no place where this Field is not. That means It is within us as well, just as we are in It.

I celebrate this Truth. I know that as I plant my intentions in this Field, everything that is necessary to the fulfillment of those intentions is already here - within the Field and within the intention itself.

I now declare I am willing to experience Spirit at a greater level. I do so, by making room in my consciousness. I am aware that the Law works, and I am willing to get out of its way.

Every experience is now Spirit filled. Every emotion is Loving. My mind is a storehouse of divine ideas. All these things are good, because all is God.
Gratefully I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are so, and so Is is.