Friday, August 14, 2009


I do a lot more walking now that I have a puppy. Morning, noon and night. Each time is so different. In the morning, everything looks and smells fresh and green and fills me with a sense of a newness. At noon, things have been hot and dry and yellow seems to be the predominant colour. At night there is no colour ... just shades of black and grey .. even the street lights fade out the colours.

I used to be afraid of the nighttime when I was a child - perhaps it was because of this - no colour. Colour helps us define things. Our interpretation of colour gives meaning to Life. We judge things by colour and have given a positive and negative meaning to each colour. For instance, to me, green is growth or jealousy, yellow is creative energy or illness, blue is peaceful beauty or loneliness, red is life or anger. Black and its various shades, are power, or death. (and makes you look thinner - LOL) Black symbolizes the unknown… and here is might be why I was afraid of the dark. Everything looks different, and feels unknown.

As adults, we’re not comfortable with the unknown, either. We sometimes stay in our uncomfortableness because at least we know what it’s like.

With Debby Ford’s new film “The Shadow Effect” there’s a lot of talk about the unknown within us – the beliefs and feelings we’ve hidden away because we couldn’t deal with them at the time. I believe this is what is going on in the collective consciousness as well. We are beginning to realize that things aren’t always as they appear – and that in Truth, we’ve judged a lot of people and things on appearances only. That we don’t really know anyone or anything, until we know our Selves.

This is why I love our teaching. A deep study of Science of Mind Principles helps us to uncover the “shadows” that are still active in our consciousness, and having an effect on our lives today. We not only break through those shadow places, we begin to realize we are more than we ever thought we were. We are the very Presence we have been afraid of. We begin to realize all judgment is really self-judgment, and is unnecessary. All our shadows are replaced with brilliant colour and Life has more meaning than we could ever believe possible!!

Here’s to Life in all Its radiance, shining brilliantly through us!
Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Gratefully I recognize the powerful Presence within and around us. There is no spot where God is not. God is both Love and Law, and it works through us according to our thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, today I declare I am ready to stand naked in the Truth. Freed of all my shadow effects, having claimed the disowned parts of myself. I am whole and holy. I am healthy, wealthy and wise. I am loving and beloved. I am complete in my Self.

My life is so much brighter because of my declarations. I am shining the Light so brightly that all who see me, know The Divine. My way is one of blessings, and everyone around me feels the effects.
How grateful I am to be here now, to recognize my Self, to honour my Self, and to rejoice in The Self in everything.

I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing they are done. And so Is is.