Friday, September 13, 2013


The highest holy Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur, starts tonight.  It’s a day of fasting and atonement.  Though I am not Jewish, I like using the energies of various holy days personally.  I will fast, not necessarily from food, but from all negative thinking to the best of my ability.

To me, atonement is defined as “making amends for a wrong or injury.”  How would I make amends? Here’s a little process I’ve developed for myself:

1st:  I will take an honest inventory.  Who have I hurt?  Did I put myself on that list? 

2nd: I will consciously let go of whatever emotional hurts I am holding onto.

3rd: I will release myself and other people to their highest good. I will no longer belittle or judge myself, or think I am unworthy. I will now give all of us safe passage through my mind.

4th:  I will never tell the ‘story’ again.

As I make amends with the God in All, I move into a place of At-One-Ment, recognizing nothing can separate us, because the Divine is within all of us. It is as if I am setting my world back in balance.

Whether Yom Kippur is your high holy day or not, fasting and atonement is always a good practice!


I honor the powerful presence of Love within me, knowing that God is Love – an unconditional Love that never holds anything against me or anyone else.  Love is the greatest healing agent in the universe and Love is everywhere present.

I now let go and surrender the stories of hurt, frustration and anger to this Great Love.  I let go of the stories of fear to this Great Love.  I am now empty, and in this emptiness, I am made new. In my newness, I declare I am ready and willing to be of greater service than ever before. 
I celebrate God in everyone I come in contact with from this point on. 

How grateful I am to be able to let go and let God in me, as me, and through me, do this work  I now release these words to the Law of Love, knowing they are already so.  And so it is.