Friday, March 23, 2007

This morning I woke up really tired of the rain. It’s been raining for 20 days - enough already!! I felt as grey as it looked outside my window. However, life must go on, and I got in the car for a drive to Vancouver to pick up some books for class. Not something I was looking forward to doing. Pouring rain all through Langley, beating down on the car roof in bumper to bumper traffic over the Port Mann Bridge, all the way down Highway 1 into the city. Yucko! Even the music on CBC was dirge-like.

As I got closer to town I started to notice cherry trees in full bloom. Instantly my spirits lifted. Regardless of the weather, those trees were doing what they do naturally – bloom gorgeously!

I remembered this is the way of the Universe as well. No matter what I’m doing, the Universe goes on creating beauty and peace everywhere. That is Its’ nature. That IS nature – and what a good teacher she is!

I heard myself saying “I love Spring,” and a quote came to me from Eileen Cady, the co-founder of Findhorn:

“It is love that changes the world, love that raises the vibrations, love that heals and makes whole. Love is the greatest power in the universe and that love is yours when your longing for it is deep enough. Let all you do be built on foundations of love, for love is so strong and sure that it can withstand anything. Love is not something to be talked about, it is something to be lived and demonstrated. It is very real and alive and it cannot be hidden. If love is there it will be felt. Start now to open your hearts and love, love, love. There is no better time than the ever-present, glorious NOW.”

My errand was at a book distributors – a mental candy shop for me. How I enjoyed walking the stacks and looking at all the new titles. I love to read! Funny thing – the drive back to Langley, even with the traffic, was much different than the drive there. Had it stopped raining? No, but now the rain was beating on the roof in a musical pattern, everyone seemed to be so much more courteous, and CBC had more uplifting music. I changed my perceptions – I started loving instead of resenting - and the world changed around me. Ahhhh, Spring. Thank You Divine Love!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


As I contemplate the Great Oneness of the Universe, I return to my Self. I know who I am = Spirit in form. I am so happy to remember and appreciate the Power Within.

I choose today to have Spring in my conscious mind. No longer can anything outside of me affect me. I choose to enjoy the mysteries of growth, and the awareness of beauty. I am radiant, energetic, healthy in mind, body and emotions. All that there is, all that I am, is Love made manifest. How grateful I am to come back to my Self!

I accept responsibility for co-creating a Divine Life. I bless all challenges I have created for they have brought me back to Center. God is my Life, and my good. My Life is wonderful. Gratefully I release these words to Law and so It is.