Friday, December 01, 2006

“Oh no! How did it get to be December already!!” This sound familiar?

Every year I’m so surprised when December rolls around. Suddenly there is so much to do.

Presents, crowds, food, family traditions -- all the magical things about the holidays, yet they can cause stress as well. Here’s my ideas to approaching and experiencing this season mindfully:

Gifts - My Mother used to keep lists so she’d remember to give presents and cards to people who gave our family one the year before. She’d even make sure she had a stack of unaddressed cards and a little cache of gifts just in case someone surprised her. How liberating it was for me to discover a Big Truth! I don’t have to have to do this! If we get a gift, and didn’t plan to give one in return, there’s no need to feel guilty. A simple heartfelt thank you is enough!!

We also don’t have to buy everyone a gift. Make a list and a budget and stick to it! (Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear a news report that says, “credit card use was down this year!”) Let your creativity out! Make things! All of us have a gift or talent we can share. And the best present we can give anyone – is ourselves! More than gifts, our loved ones value the gift of Quality Time.

Crowds – Now this is a given so don’t let yourself freak out over it. The streets, parking lots and stores are going to be crowded. When you find yourself in lines -- people watch. Make up delightful holiday stories about the people you see in line. Bless them with good thoughts.

Food – Oh my goodness, the holiday goodies!! Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t go crazy either!! Food is fuel for the body so make sure you’re not putting in the cheap stuff. Rev. Helen Street used to love cinnamon buns. One day she stepped into a sticky bun store and just stood there and breathed in the scent and realized that was enough. If you’re going to have a goodie, practice mindfulness, eat it slowly, savouring each moment, each taste and texture sensation.

Families – Now here’s the place where most of the emotional stuff around the holidays comes up. The stuff that causes overspending and overeating. We’ve all got stories and they’re laden with guilt, resentment or disappointment. For as long as we remain attached to them, our stories define us. They limit the possibilities of who we believe we can love. This year, let’s let go of our emotional attachments that have kept us stuck in our stories and just accept people for who they are.

We need to stop our self-blaming stories as well. Since in every moment we are all doing the best we can, based on the beliefs and consciousness we have at the time, there is no reason for guilt or regret, anger or resentment.

This holiday season, let’s reveal our True Story. Regardless of appearances or circumstances, each person we’re meeting and interacting with is, in Truth, God in expression! Christmas is really about sharing love, having inner peace and recognizing the Christ within all!

Join me in doing the holidays mindfully this year!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


At the core of the Universe is One. One Source, One Heart, One Mind. This Oneness is Love. Love flows into my world by means of me. As It fills me up, I relax and celebrate it with joy.

I let joy colour my world this holiday season. I choose to experience it mindfully. I am conscious of the spirit of the season and I let myself become more and more aware of the Christ Nature within all.

As I go about my daily life, I honour the Divine gifts that are always being given. I receive them gracefully and give them with unconditional love.

All of my stories have been transformed by my conscious recognition of the Divine Life in all.

Gratefully I celebrate Spirit today. God is good and all is well in my world.

And so it is.

*** Today is World AIDs Day --- Bristol Meyers is donating $1 for every candle lit to research for AIDs! Please take a moment to visit: I just lit the candle, will you?