Friday, November 21, 2008


A group of us got to see The Moses Code last Tuesday. It was an inspiring and empowering film.

In it, Mikki Willis, a filmmaker who experienced September 11, 2001 at Ground Zero, tells his story. At one point he lay down in an abandoned building trying to rest – and he had an experience that led him to think "This could be your VietNam …. Or not."

In a small way, I knew what he meant. Many of my college friends came home and had a very hard time recovering from their experience. A few ended their lives. Many soldiers, nurses and support workers found their way to Hawai'i, where the environment is so much like VietNam, and are still having difficulty coping with life years and years later.

When Mikki made that comment in the film, I realized that sometime during our lives, we all go through watershed periods .. and it is we who give them meaning. Nothing has meaning until we give it some, and we choose at the moment of the experience, what meaning to give it.

Dr. Holmes writes "Nature will not let us stay in any one place too long. She will let us stay just long enough to gather the experience necessary to the unfolding and advancement of the soul."

I believe this is true of Mind as well. Yet, how many of us are still living in a place in consciousness where we were hurt or experienced a mental, emotional or physical trauma? And because of that "VietNam," how many of us are interpreting simple events now as if they were intentionally directed against us?

For instance, I experienced my "VietNam" as a child. No matter what I did, I did it wrong or didn't do it good enough, and was beaten severely. I created a belief that not only my actions were wrong, but I was wrong – I didn't belong. My belief then determined what I did and felt for many years. Sometimes I still feel the old feelings in certain circumstances. However, now I know I have choice. I give the moment its meaning. I can choose the old way of feeling or I can create a new one.

When we understand and feel that who we are is Consciousness – when we make this real for ourselves -- we are no longer at the effect of what's been bothering us, no matter how terrible our "Viet Nam" was. We will have gathered the experience necessary to the unfolding and the advancement of our souls and can leave the experience behind us. Part of our history, but not part of our operating system.

-- film presented by SoulPower

-- Mikki Willis


There is That Within Me that is all knowing, all powerful and everywhere present. It is the Divine Energy that is the source and substance of all things. It is my Life.

As I contemplate this, I realize I always have choice. I can choose how I feel about any situation, past, present or future. I choose now to let go of the attachments to old hurts and traumas. I see them as experiences for what I needed to move forward on my Life's Path.

Today I declare I am ready and willing to assign new meaning to my life. I choose to be in balance on all levels. I choose to be consciously aware of the choices I am making at the moment I am making them, and I change them immediately if they do not promote my greatest good and highest joy.

I know this for myself and all others. Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are so now. And so it is.