Friday, September 14, 2007

A few weeks ago I was listening to some funny songs by country singer, Joe Diffie, and the chorus of one of them caught my attention:

“Cause and Effect, Chain of events

All of the chaos makes perfect sense

When you’re spinning around, things come undone

Welcome to Earth – 3rd rock from the sun.”

If we really understood that each of our actions creates a reaction, we’d probably be waaaay more consciously creative! Ernest Holmes writes on page 101 of The Science of Mind “Everything we see, touch, taste, feel, hear or grasp with the physical senses, is an effect. What we see comes from that which we do not see.”

The line that caught me the most was “When we’re spinning around, things come undone.” This “spinning around” is usually at times in our life where we’ve given the effects a lot more power than they deserve. The more power we give them, the more they unravel! Holmes also writes “All manifestations, all body, is effect, and is subject to its cause.”

Here I sit, day 7 of the worst cold I’ve ever had. I immediately treated for perfect health when I started noticing the symptoms, yet it just kept getting worse. I self-medicated with various natural remedies, yet it kept getting worse. I gave myself all sorts of metaphysical excuses for manifesting the disease, and did all sorts of metaphysical processes. I came to a conclusion about my cause of this effect. All of that was beneficial, yet I was still sick. I forgot something very basic. All effect is subject to its cause. Which means at any moment I could take my power back and just say NO!

Taking one’s power back requires stillness. I’ve been so busy doing life, and getting through the day, sick or not, I haven’t allowed myself to become silent and know the Truth. I kept thinking about it, but putting it off till tomorrow. Do you do that too?

Holmes writes under “silence” in the glossary of the SOM … “The Silence is our communion with Spirit; our awareness of our Unity with Good, our understanding that ‘the Father within, he doeth the work.’”

Next time you feel yourself spinning – before things can unravel any further - take a deep breath and go within. Let go and let God do Its perfect work, in, through and as YOU!!

Healthy Blessings, Rev. Angelica


Divine Love points the way, Divine Law makes the way possible. I now take my power back from where ever I have given it away, knowing it is mine to use consciously. I know this because I am a unique expression of the One Life. That Life is seeking to express Itself as and through me with infinite intelligence and unconditional love and It must become effect in my life as I direct It.

Therefore I now consciously become still and KNOW the Truth. In the silence of the centre of my being, I know nothing is too great or too small for the Law to accomplish through me. As I say yes to Life, Life says yes to me. If I have allowed myself to be mesmerized by dis-ease in any area of my experience, I now choose to say NO! This is not my reality. My Reality is living Divine Life – God Life, and I live it with grace, ease and joy.

Gratefully I become harmonious and balanced as a result of stepping into the silence. Life is good, very good. I release these words knowing it is the Law within doing the work. And so It is.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001 is one of those days forever etched in our memories. We all remember what we were doing and how we felt when we heard the news.

It was a Tuesday morning, just like today … a morning we got up and went about our daily morning routines, not knowing something momentous was about to happen.

That day for me, as an American, was agonizing. I couldn’t do anything for anyone – all I could do was watch and pray. During a meditation that afternoon, I saw the twin towers as a gateway that had been blown open in our collective consciousness. It was a gateway of our choosing. We could choose to see the ‘axis of evil” flooding in, or we could see a wave of compassion flowing out. I chose compassion as did millions of people around the world. We began to move from feeling separate to a new idea of global oneness.

Other disasters have happened since that fateful day and others happened before it. Each one of them giving us an opportunity to choose how we want to react. Today is a good day for the collective consciousness of humanity to look at where it is still holding on and let go. We can help by looking at our personal disasters, doing our forgiveness work if needed, and letting those people (including ourselves) have safe passage through our minds and hearts.

Yes, the Global Heart is expressing more compassion, and that compassion comes from unconditional love. God is Love and Love heals.

Blessings of Love, Rev. Angelica


Today I choose to reinforce the Divine Pattern of Peace in my heart. I do this by first acknowledging that no matter what any event looks like, it too is good. It cannot be anything else as all is God.

I declare on an individual and global level we are able to see the blessings in all events. If we can’t see them immediately, we call them forth anyway, knowing the highest good for all concerned.

The Law takes our declarations and makes them manifest, and Love heals and points the way.

With a grateful heart I celebrate being a part of the Compassionate Heart. And so it is.