Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yesterday I returned from a week long camping trip in the Okanagan. I haven’t been camping since I journeyed to Vancouver, and this was my first camping trip with children. After 7 days of letting go of what I wanted to do in honour of the girls having a great holiday -- I have so much appreciation for you parents! How do you do it!?!?

This is what I did:

Steal intimate moments with God, as you would with a precious lover. -- Alan Cohen

I remember these moments vividly – some of the best were walking to the washroom from our various campsites (the only alone time I could find). I remember the full moon shining through the pine trees, lighting up the pathway, and an owl flying very close overhead. I remember the bird choirs early in the mornings and what it felt like to have wild birds land on my hand and eat the peanuts I offered them. I remember evening bat songs as they flew through a grove of trees feeding on insects. I remember being 5 feet from a deer who just stood there looking at me without fleeing. I remember being so inspired by Mother Nature’s incredible beauty.

I know all of us have very busy lives, and some of us wonder how we could ever fit in 20 minutes of meditation, some spiritual reading, and Spiritual Mind Treatment, with jobs to go to, families to take care of, and errands to do. So steal them!! The precious moments going within, and being perfectly in the NOW are the most important moments for the maintenance of our sanity. It’s sort of like tithing – even though it looks like there won’t be enough money if we set aside a tithe, there always is. When we set aside time for our spiritual practices, there is more than enough time for everything else, and indeed, this time set apart with our Beloved, makes all other moments so much more valuable.

Grateful Blessings, Rev. Angelica


The Power and Presence of The Beloved sustains me. It is all there ever has been, is now or will be. It is everything I can experience with my senses and so much more – and I claim It as my own Self.

In this moment, I breathe deeply and allow myself to be still. I am totally in the moment. In this very moment, there is nothing to worry about, nothing to plan, nothing to fear. There is only Love. I allow myself to see and feel the Love of The Beloved. I see It in everything I have created around me. I feel It in the depth of my being. I hear It in the beat of my heart and all the sounds around me. I can touch It just by touching anything with the tips of my fingers. I can taste it in the things I eat and drink.

I choose now to have more precious moments with My Beloved. I know these moments are the lifeblood of my existence. In them I feel the fullness of Being and know I am an emanation of The One.

Gratefully I celebrate my life. I know it is God’s Life, and it up to me to make it a good one, and so I do. And So It Is.