Friday, April 27, 2007

This morning I woke up with swollen hands and stomach. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that pasta last night! You see, I believe I have a wheat allergy. As I was sharing my problem with friends, I remembered an experience with Rev. Helen Street:

We used to go to Ryan’s in Honolulu for dessert after class each week and one night a classmate was telling us all the horrible things she had discovered about sugar. One by one we chimed in, adding our sugar stories. Rev. Helen sat quietly the whole time and when we were finished, reached out and moved the sugar bowl in front of her, wrapping her hands around it. Patting it softly, she whispered “It’s ok, sugar, we still love you. We know who you are.” There was silence for a moment as we contemplated what she had said, and then a rousing discussion followed about It’s all God.

What would our lives be like if we really believed this was the Truth?

So many yummy things are made with wheat that sometimes I choose to ignore my belief in having a wheat allergy and eat them anyway. However, since that belief is so ingrained that it became a Law of my Being, I get to experience the effects of it. I have named wheat bad and therefore it must be that for me.

How do I get past this belief? Walter Starke, author of “It’s All God” and many other great books said in an interview in the Science of Mind Magazine: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” means to seek first the subjective aspect (or reality) of life, and then the objective (appearance).

That’s what Rev. Helen did – she went to the Truth – the subjective side of the sugar. So, I could remember wheat is an expression of God; the chemicals I’ve believed wheat is grown with that are affecting me, are also an expression of God. I am an expression of God. It’s all God!! It’s all good. Since everything is God, how could It harm Itself?

I’m going to love wheat as an expression of God this week and see how it affects my body. It can only do good. I believe this is true healing. Knowing the Truth in the subjective will naturally affect the objective!

Perhaps there’s a place in your life where you’d like to remember IT’S ALL GOD.

Blessings, Rev. Angelica


I celebrate my conscious awareness of the eternal Presence of The Divine. It is not only present everywhere and in every thing, It is the Source of all that is. It is the Source and the expression of my life. Indeed, there is only One Life, and that is Divine Life. How grateful I am to know this.

Today I choose to examine the Laws I have set up to live my life by. I release those that no longer serve me. I replace them with more positive, Self-affirming ones. I know everything is God/Good.

As I do this, the whole Universe rushes in to serve me. I celebrate perfect health in every area of my life. I see and experience the subjective Reality of The Divine made manifest in the objective world. I claim all this is good, very good.

Gratefully I release my word, knowing it is already so. And so It is.