Monday, March 31, 2008

March 21, 2008

Aloha …

This weekend as we move into the Easter Holy days, we are reminded of the ongoingness of Life. The story of Jesus' final days is one of death and rebirth, a process we are continually going through.

A friend sent me a link to a magnificent story … it's educational and inspirational – funny and sad - and well worth watching. It's a video of a brain scientist who had a stroke and studied it as she was having it … and had some major revelations about WHO WE ARE!

I KNOW for us this Easter that we release the little self we have accepted up until now, and allow ourselves to step into our authenticity. We are Spirit, having an experience that we've chosen to call being human. And how wonderful this experience can be!

Again our affirmation: I AM AWAKE!!


There is One Life – It is animating me, breathing me, living my life as me. It is Divine Love made manifest as me. It is Divine Law working through me.

Today I choose to let go of all I have created before this moment. I breathe deeply and step into the True Reality of my Self. I am Divine Energy. As I recognize this, I feel this energy moving through my body, healing and blessing it. As I contemplate this, I feel this energy expanding and moving into my world, nurturing and blessing it. As I experience this, it returns to me, pressed down and running over and my live is good.

This is Divine Life and I am so grateful to have chosen to live It fully. I am re-born each moment into my authenticity, and it is good. And so it is.

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