Friday, October 25, 2013

Change Your Picture Change Your Life

I just love the way the Universe gives me messages!

I was watching a show on Netflix – Hart of Dixie. The main character is a young woman who’d been trained as a brain surgeon but was turned down for a prestigious fellowship and ends up working in a very small town as a GP.  She was complaining about things, obviously disappointed with her life, when the young man she was talking to stopped her and said “You’ve got to change the picture,” and when she looked at him quizzically went on to say “Here you are in the midst of all this natural beauty, with new friends  and  a new life,  accepted as our town doctor,  but you can’t see any of it, because your picture of yourself is a highly skilled brain surgeon in New York.  Your picture is keeping you unhappy.  Change your picture and change your life.”

Whoa – Change your picture and change your life.  This is a whole new way of thinking about this idea. I’ve learned to create a vision of what I desire and know that I’ll attract it to myself, yet how many times have I been disappointed because I’m not doing what I think I should be doing?  How much of my life did I miss because I was in that Valley of Disappointment?

Resisting what is brings mental and emotional pain.  Acceptance of what is brings peace.  Resistance comes from not honoring our choices of the moment (and yes, I believe we’ve chosen whatever we’re experiencing).  If we want to be happy, resistance is futile.    

Am I saying to drop the dreams you’ve always had?  No, not at all.  Accepting what is doesn’t mean you have to stay in it.  I am saying we might as well be consciously present right where our bodies are, and experience the now moments.  One way to get out of that valley of disappointment is to realize that the highest and best for all concerned is being served.  We can still chose those things our heart wants to do and know that the experience we’re having now is part of the process of obtaining them. 

“Bloom where you’re planted” a greeting card said.  I agree.   


I celebrate the powerful presence of the Divine.  It is absolutely everywhere.  It is the Source and substance of all that is.  It is God, and God is Life and Life is Good. 

I know there is a place for me, a place that satisfies my soul.  Regardless of what my experience is, I declare that where I am in this moment is the right place to be. I open my eyes to see, my ears to hear and my heart to feel.  I let go of what I think I am supposed to be, or supposed to be doing.  I am here for the highest and best for all concerned.  Whether I am consciously aware of it or not, I am serving humanity by accepting what is, experiencing the present moment, and letting it carry me into my dreams.  I change my mental picture and change my life.

How grateful I am to become more conscious of the ways of my heart and mind.  How grateful I am to be able to choose.  I now release these words to Spiritual Law, knowing they are so, and so it is.    

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