Friday, October 04, 2013

Call to Arms

One can’t turn on the TV, radio or computer, or walk into a room with other people without hearing about all the disasters in our world.   Sometimes I want to hide and cry.  Sometimes I want to run into the streets (or into Congress) and yell at everyone. 

It seems our world is terribly out of balance – ecologically, politically, financially, and in health – whether that be physical, emotional or mental.  Animals are going extinct that don’t need to. 

I think of all these things and I feel impotent.

Then I remember that there is something I can do – something I do really well.  I can pray.  I can also get lots of people to join me.  I truly believe prayer uplifts the collective consciousness. 

So this is my Call to Arms.   I’m inviting you to stand up, raise your arms, and speak YOUR word for our planet and all sentient life NOW.  Do it every day or even every hour until you KNOW things have come into balance.    

When he gave his famous ‘Sermon by the Sea’, his last talk at Asilomar,  Ernest Holmes said;  Find me one person who is for something and against nothing, who is redeemed enough not to condemn others out of the burden of his soul, and I will find another savior, another Jesus, and an exalted human being.

Find me one person who no longer has any fear of the universe, or of God, or of man, or of anything else, and you will have brought to me someone in whose presence we may sit and fear shall vanish as clouds before the sunlight.”

Let’s be that person.  What we see in the outer will change as we do.

(Why did I ask you to raise your arms?  Years ago Hawaiian Bank had a campaign called YES … In their ad, Pat Morita was pictured standing straight with his arms up, making his body look like a ‘Y’.  I like this posture.  As I pray my whole being is saying YES!)


YES, I am ready and willing to acknowledge an Infinite Intelligence that permeates all things.  I know this Intelligence is within me.  It is the Source and substance of all that is.  It is waiting for me to use It, and so I do:

I declare our world is in balance NOW.  Everything that is necessary to the fulfillment of this declaration is at hand.  I do my part by KNOWING the Truth – and the Truth is – all there is is God.  How can God be out of balance?  I keep my focus inward, on the Divine.  Everything on the outer now reflects the Peace that I feel within me.  Life is moving forward, continually changing, but Divine Peace prevails.

This is good, very good.  How grateful I am to be able to let go of focusing on what has seemed like chaos and know the Truth.  The Truth has set us free. 

I release these words into Divine Law with a deep sigh of relief.  And so it is.         

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