Monday, July 07, 2008

Last week both the United States and Canada celebrated their birthdays. No matter what we did to celebrate our respective holidays, the underlying reason for the celebrations is Freedom. Yet when one turns on the TV, or reads the local paper, it seems many freedoms are being legislated away, and that freedom is something people are suffering greatly to have.

Ernest Holmes writes about Freedom in the glossary of the Science of Mind: "Real freedom means that we are created in the image of perfection and let alone and allowed to make the discovery for ourselves. Freedom of will means the ability to do, day and think as one wishes; to express life as one personally desires.
"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free," Jesus taught. The understanding of Truth – Infinite Principle – is the emancipator. We are bound by our very freedom; our freewill binds us. The Universe, being deductive only, cannot refuse us anything. The very force that makes us sick can heal us. As we realize our Oneness with Creative Mind, we are released from the bondage of false thinking. We see too, that freedom means liberty but not license."

I've always liked the phrase "The Truth shall set you free." However, as Sue Monk Kidd, author of the spiritual memoir The Dance of the Dissident Daughter writes "The truth might set you free, but first it will shatter the safe, sweet world you live in."

Perhaps this is what is happening around us. Old paradigms are dying – new ones are being born. Nothing is the same as it was "back then" nor should it be.

What is this Truth that shall set us free? Holmes tells us it is the understanding of Infinite Principle – and for me, that Principle is "It is done unto us as we believe." There is an inherent belief in individual freedom – it is a soul-longing. As we let go of the old paradigms that include the idea that "they are doing it to us," and accept our Oneness with Creative Mind, realizing we have choice at every moment, we will be part of the creation of liberty for all.

Thank God for Freedom!!


We live in an infinite field of creative potentiality. This Field is the originating Energy of the Universe. It is everywhere present, all powerful and all knowing. It is around us and within us. It is God.

I now declare my intention to live in a peace filled world. I am grateful I choose to live in a part of the world where this Divine Idea is easier to manifest than in others. I now take responsibility for knowing Peace for all my brothers and sisters, no matter where they live, or whether they are animal, mineral or plant. I consciously recognize our Oneness.
I am grateful to know the Truth – there is only One God, one great creative Energy at work in, through and as all of us – and I declare we have come to a place in consciousness where this Truth sets us free.

I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they are done in my life, and in all life. And so it is.

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