Saturday, July 12, 2008

The other day I was driving over the Port Mann bridge, through the traffic, and starting thinking about the plan to twin and toll the bridge. I wondered if this solution would really be a solution, or whether it would just cause more problems. I thought about the years it was going to take to build the project and the traffic tie-ups it would cause. And being one who uses the bridge every day, the future didn't look pretty at all!

Suddenly a Telus van appeared out of nowhere, forcing its way into the line of cars in front of me. On the rear of the van, in huge letters I read:

The future is friendly.

I started laughing. How delightfully the Universe brings me back to front and center!!

I had been going down a mental road of how awful things were going to be! I know I'm not the only one that does this.

Ernest Holmes wrote "Life is for us and never against us." This is a great thing to remember when we start going down the "isn't it going to be awful" road.
The future is friendly. What a great affirmation!!


I recognize the Source of all possibilities and power. This is God, the Infinite Good. This Good is visible in my life right now.
Good operates at the very centre of my being and is in action in every area in my life. This is my Truth. No longer do I live in fear of what might happen. I know the future is friendly.

I eagerly anticipate the delightful experiences I am attracting by knowing God has only my highest good and greatest joy in Mind. Life is good and the future is friendly!

With a grateful heart I accept this Truth and celebrate It's working as Law in my life. And So It Is.

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