Monday, April 14, 2008

Once again I'm grateful to the Mountainview Alliance Church on 200 St. who's marquee gives me inspiration on the drive home. A few days ago it read:

Use your past as a springboard not a sofa.

When I first saw this I started laughing, remembering a commercial where young man was sitting on the couch watching TV, and when he turned off the TV and tried to get up, the couch tried to suck him into it, and even chased him through the house when he got away.

Then I started thinking. We love a comfy sofa. Sometimes the sofa is old and threadbare, yet because it's comfortable and familiar, we don't want to replace it – we just throw a cover over it, and continue to use it anyway. Sometimes we sit down on the sofa, and a sort of laziness comes over us, and it's easier to just sit or lay there, than get up and be productive.

Are we like that with the stories of our past? Do we sink into those stories, and because they are so familiar, do we find it difficult to rise above them? Do we try to cover them up? Do we let them become entities, chasing us through our lives? Do we let them immobilize us?

Yes, we do. Sometimes we live in those stories as if they are happening today. Sometimes instead of doing the work necessary to move beyond those stories, we cover them up with excuses, or rationalize them.

All of our experiences are meant to move us along our evolutionary path. None of them are permanent. We can let go. We can and have learned from our history. It truly is time to let our past be our springboard – individually and collectively.


There is only One Life – that Life is God's Life, and It is living Itself through and as me right now. It always has and It always will.

I rejoice in knowing this, because it reminds me that everything I have ever said or done has been the right thing for the moment. How can God make a mistake?

It was the right thing for that moment, perhaps not this one. Therefore I let go of my stories of the past. I will always have a history, but I do not need to be attached to it.

Because I remember I am in the process of creating new history with every thought and feeling, I declare I have learned what I wanted to learn from each story I created, and have let those stories be a springboard into my now. I declare I am fully present. I live in this moment, authentically. Each moment is a Divine Moment and I make it a good one. More springboards into my future!

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, recognizing their value. The Truth sets me free!!

And So It Is.

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