Monday, April 14, 2008

Last week while visiting the washroom at Starbucks I looked up at poster of a tree with words all over it … the words on the trunk jumped out at me:

"The deeper the roots, the higher the reach."

I don't remember what else was written on the poster, because that statement was so profound. I began to wonder "How deep are my roots?"

Years ago I planted a Kukui Nut Tree in my back yard. The early Hawaiians used the nuts as lamps because of a pool of oil that filled the top of the nut. They considered the Kukui a sacred plant and a symbol of enlightenment.

I nurtured that tree, and it grew large and beautifully. It even grew leaves with seven points instead of five, which I took to be a mystical symbol. It grew white Kukui nuts on it, which I wasn't expecting as they are more rare - another mystical symbol. I could feel the energy of this tree as I nurtured it. I gave it love and it gave me strength. I would take visitors out to see it so they could feel the energy. I loved this tree.

Then one day we had a tremendous windstorm. The upper part of the tree was ripped off, and the roots were torn up. A friend who specialized in Hawaiian plants said the root system was too shallow. He replanted it properly yet it didn't have the same feeling for me. I felt like part of me had been torn up. I mourned that tree.

I meditated on the experience and realized I had put my Power outside of myself. I had given it to the tree. The tree did wonderfully for a while, but when a challenge came up, it couldn't stand up to it.

That's what happens to us when we give our Power away. When our Spiritual roots aren't deep enough. What are those roots? They are the Presence at the very core of our being. They support all our thoughts and feelings. They support our expression of Divine Life. It might look like we're reaching to the sky, but when push comes to shove, if our spiritual roots are not deep, we fall apart. How do we make them stronger? Through doing our spiritual practices, consistently and consciously. And not just with our thoughts. Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind "The Creative Power responds to feeling more quickly than to any other mental attitude." Let yourself feel your meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatments, and your roots will grow deep and the higher your consciousness will reach.


The perfect Presence of The Divine is around me and within me. It is my lifeline. It is my roots.

I choose today to nurture my roots and allow myself to flourish. I do my spiritual practices with grace and love. I gather my power back from all the places I have left it, and allow myself to see that my true Power is Present Within.

As I contemplate these roots in my meditation and Treatment work, I recognize my Source. I allow myself to expand into Christ Consciousness, empowering me to say "If you see me, you see God." I celebrate my awareness of the Sacredness of all Life.

There is only One, and that One is working through me according to my deepest feelings and beliefs. I rejoice in knowing these Principles, and working with them as I create a more authentic life.

I am grateful that my roots are deep and my Life is Divine. And so It is.

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