Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For our last Friday in the month of Love, I’d like to share with you Dr. Holmes’ (the founder of Religious Science) writing for today from 365 Science of Mind:

I Open Myself to Greater Love

Love is more than a sentiment. It is a need, a hunger, a thirst that is perfectly natural. Anyone who thinks they can live and be happy without it does not know what they are talking about – psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually. Love is the beginning and end, the impulse in nature that will not be denied.

Let us think back beyond the individual to the Source of all life. I believe that the whole universe is the givingness of the Creative Spirit – to the delight of Its own Being – into the creation that is Itself in that creation. Love is the principle of Life, for it is the nature of everything to give. Only the one who loves so much that there is no longer any room for hate will ever arrive at the place where, if there may be hate, they will never know it. We are afraid of greatness because we are so tied down to littleness. We clutch the littleness anxiously and jealously, but so precariously, to our hearts. It is essential to see beyond the littleness to something bigger. None of us is as perfect in expression as we ought to be. So the challenge to each of us is to be great enough to rise in love, in charity, through understanding and compassion. Love is the lodestone of life.

I respond lovingly to all persons. Recognizing that the spiritual life is the real life, I surround myself with love, the key to joyous loving.

Dr. Holmes challenges each of us is to be great enough to rise in love. This is the supreme challenge – are you up to it?

The Master Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Let’s love ourselves enough to honour our greatness and share that love with all, and then we will be one of those that will never know hate.

Loving Blessings, Rev. Angelica


God is Love, an unconditional energy that flows throughout the universe. It surrounds me, fills me up and I know the heart of God is my home.

No longer do I refuse to let Love in. In all areas of my life, I let go of the feelings of littleness, and choose to accept my birthright of Divine Love. This is what God is, and I am Love made manifest.

Divine Love completes and fulfills me. It takes me to the deepest part of myself – Its own Self. I let myself share this love with a never ending joy, creating peace and harmony everywhere I go. Life is transformed by my willingness to accept my greatness in Love.

Gratefully I release these words to spiritual law, knowing they are already done. And so it is.

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