Saturday, February 18, 2006

Emma Curtis Hopkins, the metaphysical “teacher of teachers” said “There is an instinctive seeking of all things for love.”

I dropped by a pet shop near my market the other day, and the owner brought out a five month old ferret named Cola. The little darling sniffed me, then jumped into my arms and curled up, looking up at me with me the sweetest look. It was like she was saying “I’m home!” I lost my heart right in that moment!

The people who know me well will have a hard time believing this – but I made the decision NOT to bring her home. She’s still in my heart, and as I think about her, I’ve also thought about decisions and how we make them. I realized that though this was about an animal, it could very well have been something about relationships.

Faced with the same “falling in love with an animal” situation in the past, I would make the decision on impulse, going for the first choice presented to me and not really thinking about the consequences. Perhaps I would rationalize it with fatalistic approach – it must be meant to happen, since I just happened to be in that store when the ferret was out of the cage. Maybe I would be compliant – listening to the pet shop owner’s stories of how cats and ferrets get along great, and how Cola seemed so taken with me, and go along with his opinions. I could have delayed making a decision, because I felt like I couldn’t at the moment, and I could have agonized over the decision, feeling overwhelmed by the rush of love I felt and unable to make up my mind, and made one just to get it over with.

How about you? What is your basic decision making strategy? Each of us has our own, yet I believe we vacillate between the ones I mentioned above. The optimal strategy is, of course, to weigh all the factors, and then go for the highest and best for all concerned. We are making decisions moment by moment that affect not only ourselves but everyone around us and more people than we can imagine.

“There is an instinctive seeking of all things for love.” All of us have made some “interesting” decisions when it comes to love, eh? Let’s be balanced decision-makers. Perhaps we could ask ourselves “What is the highest Love in this situation?” and move forward from that place.

Loving Blessings, Rev. Angelica


There is One Mind – God’s Mind. It is Infinitely Intelligence and Unconditional Love. This Mind surrounds me, encompasses me, guides me and works through me at all times.

Infinite Intelligence moves through me in alignment with my thoughts and feelings. I now declare I recognize Divine Mind as a Power for Good in my world. All of my decisions are made with ease and grace. All of my decisions are balanced and are for the highest and best for all concerned. Every effect I make upon my world is a good one so I choose Love and I trust Infinite Intelligence to do It greatest work through and as me.

I am grateful to know I have the ability to tap into Divine Mind with ease. I am grateful to know I am making a difference in my world. I release these words knowing they are my Truth, and so it is.

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