Thursday, February 16, 2006

Years ago when I had just moved to Honolulu, HI, I was having a very hard time finding employment. Driving home after a particularly disappointing interview, I noticed a sign reading "Foster Gardens." Nature has always soothed my soul, so I quickly pulled in. I walked through the greeness of the park, yet this time nature didn't seem to be helping. I couldn't get rid of my frustration.
At one point, I turned a corner around a tall hedge and discovered a very large statue of a seated Buddha. He had a serene smile, as if he knew the secret of inner peace and was enjoying himself immensley. I found myself yelling "How do I get that peace? What do I have to do?" Instantly I heard a voice say, "True peace is the Love of God." I looked around to see who had answered me, but I was alone with the statue. I sat down on a bench and argued with the Buddha. I told him I was studying for the ministry. I was doing my spiritual practices daily and loved doing them. I was doing all I knew how to love God, yet I didn't feel peaceful. Again I heard so clearly "True peace is the Love of God."

With a flash of enlightenment that I felt throughout my whole body, I realized that it was through acceptance of the Love of God that I would find Inner Peace! I didn't have to do anything for it, I just had to accept it!

I still know this is the Truth. God is Love, and God is omnipresent. Love is absolutely everywhere. There is no place I could go to get away from It. If I feel unloved, it is because I have not accepted this as my Truth. If I am feeling lack in any area of my life, it is because I am feeling separate from Love. All the love that I feel from and for the people, places, pets, etc., in my life, is Divine Love.

Love is what I am.

Following in the energy of Valentine's Day, allow yourself some quiet time and feel the Love the Universe has for you. I KNOW Divine Love Notes are in every breath, and everything we hear, taste, touch, smell and see. Hear the Inner Voice as It says to you "You are My Beloved, in whom I am well pleased."


There is only One Life – that Life is Spirit, and that Life is my life. There is only One Heart expressing Divine Love. This is my home. Divine Love expresses through and as me. I rejoice in this Truth. Who I am is much greater than I possibly could imagine. I am The Divine’s Beloved.

Today I accept this as my Truth. I open my heart and let Love flow through me with ease and grace. It feels so good! I shine my heart light everywhere I am, loving and nurturing all with whom I come in contact and beyond. I am Love made manifest, and everything I manifest in my life is the same. Even if it doesn’t look like it or feel like it, I now declare it is so, and I receive the blessings of Divine Love in every situation.

I am so grateful for the Love of Spirit. I bask in this Love. I see Divine Love Notes everywhere. I am nurtured and supported by this Love. It is my Truth.

With a heart full of Love, I release these words into Spiritual Law, knowing they are so, and so it is.

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