Friday, April 25, 2014

Laugh at Yourself

I had been trying to listen to SLRN (Spiritual Living Radio Network) and was getting very frustrated with my laptop -- suddenly the sound wouldn't work!  Even though it was turned all the way up, I could only hear a faint bit.  I checked Windows help, Mozilla help and Sony VAIO help, and nothing they suggested worked, so figured I'd have to take it to the computer repair shop for a new speaker.  I started thinking anxiously about time and money.   I shut the computer off and went out to rake up magnolia blossoms.  How delightful it was to be outside.  When I came back I clicked on a video in FB, having forgotten about the sound problem.  Again I could only hear a faint sound.  I had read in the VAIO manual that the speaker was on the right side so I leaned over to try to hear it better.  To my surprise the sound was coming from my earphones!   I unplugged them and almost got blasted out of my chair!   I felt foolish for not noticing that before! 

I had purchased the books for my book circle and not everyone was at the next meeting  to pick up their books.  I set them aside so they could pick them up at the next meeting.  That week came, and still one person hadn’t gotten their book.  The next week they arrived happy to pick it up, but I couldn’t find it.  I looked all over my table, which is also my desk, and it was gone.  I thought someone might have picked it up by accident, and asked everyone to check at home.  How foolish I felt the other day when I took some papers off my printer to use it, and discovered the ‘missing’ book.

If these things had happened before I found the Science of Mind, I might have done an “I’m so foolish” spiral, and been embarrassed.  Because of my age, I might have gone into a story about “Oh no! my mind is going!”  Instead, I felt foolish for a moment and then started laughing. How creative I was to make up the stories I did about the two experiences!   How grateful I am both were both resolved easily. 

I did ask myself:  “What else am I missing?  What else have I made up a story about, and then accepted that story as real?”   How about you?


The Spirit within me is all knowing and unconditionally loving.  It is everywhere present.  It fills me with a conscious awareness of my place in this world.

I now declare that it is my intention to pay more attention.  I am now more consciously aware of not only my surroundings, but the stories I am telling myself about them.   I remember the Truth – all there is, is God.  God is not foolish.  God cannot get lost.  God is the energy of Love.  I choose to experience and express even more Love than I ever have before.  This is my new story and it is a good one!

Gratefully I release these words into the Law of Mind, knowing they have been easily embodied. 
And so it is.

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