Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Rev. Angelica’s Wild Ride.

I saw a picture of a roller coaster the other day and realized that’s what my life has been like lately.  I got on it just before the holidays and the ride’s not over yet.  Not really the pattern I wanted to set for 2014, but we do what’s in front of us, eh?   It’s Rev. Angelica’s Wild Ride.     

Now, I’ve never been a big fan of roller coasters.  I normally avoid them, yet once one gets on, it’s got to be ridden to the finish. 

As usual, I’m working on being in the moment and being observant.  When the ride is climbing up I can breathe –when it’s heading down and accelerating, it’s scary.  I’ve noticed that when I’m afraid it’s because I feel like I’m out of control. 

I know I’m not the only one having this experience.  I decided to look up “fear of roller coasters.”  As I perused the various articles, I came up with these points to help us:
1.       Make sure you’re not thinking that someone else has pressured you into being on this ride – this will only add to the feeling of not being in control.  I know I attracted this ride – maybe I don’t know why I did, but I will.
2.      Remember to breathe. Breathing helps me center myself.    
3.      Let yourself feel the ride.  Some of my feelings have been various types of loss, anger, sadness, and feeling ‘not enough’.  They all come down to fear.  Feel the fear, knowing it’s part of the process and it’s temporary.
4.      During the ride, scream.  It’s important to express your feelings.  Thinking your feelings are negative and covering them by being positive doesn’t make the feelings go away.  It just buries them.    Feelings buried decompose.  Talk to someone or journal.
5.      Outsmart the "scare factor." Remember that the loops and sudden drops are part of the ride and are perfectly safe.  Think of the car you’re sitting in as The Divine.  Remember my fear of the ride heading down and speeding up?  Someone once told me not to look down – to tilt my head back and look up.    In fact, look up and smile!
6.      When you’re in overwhelm, close your eyes.  Go within.  Pray, meditate, chant – do whatever you do to become centered again.   
7.      Sit in the front car – face it, feel it, and the ride will be over quicker!

The musician Sting said:  “Crisis is essential to creativity; it’s what makes you do things you couldn’t do before. Being in a stable situation (might produce)… nicely balanced work – but not the really good stuff. The really good stuff comes from pain, not comfort. Pain is essential. If you have not got pain, then you had better go out and get some.”

With what I’ve written, you might think my life’s been terrible, but it hasn’t.  Most of the time, I am filled with a deep peace.  I'm having fun living in the gap between what I know and what I don't.  I do Know everything is working out for my highest and best good - and it will for you too. God’s got our back. I also Know this:  When things seem like they’ve broken down, the Truth is, they’ve broken through!


We live in a Field of infinite potentiality. This Field is the Energy of God. It is the Source and substance of all there is.  It is everywhere present.  It is all power.  It is all intelligence.  It resides in and works through us at every moment.  This is the Truth.

Regardless of appearances, regardless of how I feel, I remember this Truth at a deep soul level.  I lean on this Truth.  I know God’s got my back.  This Field I am calling God, is working through my thoughts and feelings, attracting to me that which I am focusing on.  I refuse to dwell in fear.  I continually choose to think on things that are good, things that are pleasing to my mind and heart, things that nourish my soul.

The roller coaster of Life is now a fun and exciting ride, one that will add many wonderful stories to my collection.  God is good.  Life is good.  All is well.

Gratefully I celebrate knowing God in me, as me, is living a wonderful life.   

I release these words into the Law of Mind, feeling them sink deep into my subject mind with ease.   And so it is.      

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Claire said...

I LOVE roller-coasters and believe it or not it's one of the things I grieved for after the stroke - I will never experience again that particular thrill and elation :(
Life is all about fear and loss, hope and creative excitement...
A wise, wise post, Angelica :)